Forex Robot : Forex Boomerang Review

Hello Everybody ! Today, i’ve got a question for you : What would you think about a Forex Robot which promises to turn “10K Into $453,258.28″ in one year ? Ahahahaha ! Big joke, isn’t it ? Even though, i’m not joking there’s really some people who trust those stupid scammers… Last time I told you that I was going to come back with some big trash and here we are, this is the Forex Boomerang Review ! Enjoy !

I haven’t seen such a sale page since a very long time !  A sort of “future” design, very amusing… But the most amusing is coming now ! Indeed, you’re told that if you buy this magic forex expert advisor, you’ll turn $500 in $307.000 in only one year ! Isn’t it beautiful ? “Man lives by hope” you’ll tell me  but if you trust those results i guess you have some serious problems… I don’t even know if I have to warn you  about this product… I guess that every sound person wouldn’t doubt about the nature of this product ! However you won’t say that this is not a beautiful sale page !

Now let’s have some fun by talking about the product itself… As you understood, this is a forex robot… And what a forex robot ! No, this time, it’s not gonna be long… That’s another forex scam of the century !

I put it on demo account one month ago with a $1000 starting capital and after some good results, I lost %68 of my account… How my god, you seem surprised ?

Here’s some feedbacks of the product :

I’ve had this EA for about 3 months, and it is a consistent loser. I tried to get my money back, but the emails are silent. I received a phone call asking me if I’m serious about making money from Stellar Forex. Beware they will not refund you, simply try to sell some training starting at 10K USD. I was stupid and only took a preliminary course at 2.5K USD. This was a very beginner course, which I told them I wasn’t and I followed their rules and lost another 10K, for which they take no responsibilities.


“I tested this, and then did a visualised back test. I found that it makes profits about 30% of the time (not 70%) as advertised, it does not hide the stop losses so brokers who hedge can see where they can make money out of you, and each profit is only a little bigger than each loss.
Overall I gave it a rank of just above terrible, I would not recommend buying this piece of software junk to anyone.”


Trade safely, Samuel !