LMT Forex Formula Software Review

I’ve already created a video review of Dean Saunders’ LMT Forex Formula Software (watch it here) – but today I just wanted to make a summary of it and publish a written review of the product…so keep reading!

What Is Dean Saunders’ LMT Forex?

Let’s start by describing this new forex trading strategy…LMT Forex is a software which comes with a 47 page ebook which shows you how the software works.

How Does Dean Saunders’ LMT Forex Work?

When you get access to the product, the only thing you have to do is read the ebook and then put Dean’s software on your metatrader platform. You’ll get about 2-4 signals each day. To check the strength of the signal you’ve got to check some parameters (Dean Saunders explains these in the ebook). Depending on the parameters, you’ll know if the trade is really going to be profitable or if it’s only a little trade that will not be profitable. You have the choice to automatically rely on the software, but I recommend manually following the parameters to make higher profits.

My Testing And Opinion Of LMT Forex:

Personally, I really think that the LMT Forex Formula is one of the best forex products of the year. I’m starting to use it on my own live account, as it is really amazing! Concerning the support, Dean Saunders and his team will always answer your questions very fast, which is an important benefit in my mind.

As I always do with my Forex tests, I tested LMT Forex with a $1000 starting balance on demo – after 24 days I’ve made $1,148.00 in profit! That’s really amazing!

Based on my experience and test, LMT Forex is truly a hot pick and I strongly recommend it!