Forex Ambush 2.0 Review

Have you heard about the forex product called Forex Ambush? Many people claim that it is the most profitable forex signal generating service since 1792…Read on to find out if it really is or not!

(Currently re-testing after a lot of people complained about losses. Beware !!!!!)

What Is Forex Ambush?

Here, let me introduce you to Forex Ambush. This product is a signal generating service, which means that you have nothing to do except waiting for the company to send their signals.

My Testing And Opinion of Forex Ambush:

I’ve been testing this service for a month and the results are kinda amazing. Even if it’s not my favorite kind of forex product because you have to wait for the forex signals, I must admit that this a great product.

First of all, what is really good about Forex Ambush is that you can receive your forex signals by SMS, so you don’t have to check your email box 256 times a day and  you can act almost immediately! Moreover, every trade is profitable! I haven’t have a losing trade since I registered on the website.

To give you an example, I tried their signals on my live account and for December, I’ve had around 10 signals generating about $650! And all I had to do was read the SMS and the emails they sent and then open the positions…

This is actually a great service for lazy traders!! In fact, this product is a great way to make more pips every month.bHowever, you’re not gonna become a forex millionaire in a short while – that’s not the purpose of this system.

Indeed, the goal of this product is to help traders work more safely, without getting crazy by monitoring the trades all the day long!

To conclude, if you’re looking for a signal generating service, then Forex Ambush is one of most accurate products available on the internet.

Link Removed Until New Review Published

Cheers, Samuel!

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1: You’ll help the UltimateForexReview Blog survive by staying an unbiased place filled with honest reviews. Indeed, each review we make requires about a $300 investment, in addition to about 1 month of time.

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3: You’ll get 7 days of free email consultation and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me whatever questions you want about forex trading and the product you bought.

There’s no extra cost – you get all this stuff for free and you’ll help us survive if you simply buy through the link right above. The only thing you’ll have to do is claim your bonuses here after you have ordered!

Forex Indicator : Forex Trend System Review

As you know, the Forex Indicators are  some of my favourite forex products… Today, we’ve reviewed a forex trading system which claims to be able to generate amazing results… Read on and find the answers you need ! Here is the Forex Trend System Review !

Actually, Forex Trend System is one of the first trend indicator I bought. Once Again, when I bought it the first thing which hit me was the simplicity of the system. In fact, you just have to put the indicators on your MT4 Platform, on the GBP/USD chart, 15min Timeframe and then , wait for the indicator to become blue ( buy ) or red ( sell ).

However there is something boring in this system : If you really want to make good trades safely with this indicator you have to stay behind your computer, waiting for the indicator to become blue (buy) or red (sell) and this is really boring !
But If you have the patience and the time to monitor your trades then this is a good fx trading system for you.

So, i tested this system first on demo account and because of some good results, i decided to put it on my live account with a starting capital of $1400, on the first month, i made $2000 on pure profit, however, twoweeks after, I lost $500 because of a succession of bad trades…

Personnally, I don’t really like indicators, I prefer courses or methods which explain the exact way to trade the market and make pips. But it’s up to you… To conclude, if you really wanna buy a trend indicator, Forex Trend System is a good.

Cheers, Samuel !

3 Reasons To Buy Through The Above Link :

First : You’ll help the UltimateForexReview Blog survive by staying an unbiased place filled with honest reviews. Indeed, each review we make requires +/- a $300 investment and most of all, a lot of time : almost one month.

Then you will get a great forex book where you’ll be told amazing tips and strategies in order to make more pips each months.

Last But no Least : you’ll get a free 7 days email consultation and as a consequence you’ll have the opportunity to ask me whatever questions you want about forex trading and the product you bought.

And you know what ? There’s no extra cost, you get all this stuff for free and you’ll help us survive if you simply buy through the link right above. The only thing you’ll have to do is claim your bonuses here when you’ll have ordered !

Is Crisis Gonna Affect You ?

Currently, “Crisis” is one of the most used word in the world… But is the crisis going to affect Forex Traders ?  Find out the answers right now, read on !

Okay, so here just few words about the crisis…

These last times I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the crisis and how much they were worried for their forex “business”… So let me tell you something : the crisis does not involve or even touches forex traders !

No matter if the trends go up or down ! We’re not working on the long term ! All of the products we propose on this website are explaining short term trading methods meaning that you don’t have to worry about the crisis

And that’s amazing ! In fact, the forex market is one of the last market available where you can make a lot of money with a good trading plan and a good money management method that every products we post on our blog will give you…

Trading the stock market is a way much risky… Because most of the big firms out there are suffering from the crisis…

So this little message to tell you that crisis time is not a bad moment to trade the forex !

Be confident, have a great money management and follow our advices, then everything will be perfect !!

Fx Trading Software : Forex Killer Review

Let me tell you right now before starting, I can’t wait ! Forex killer is the biggest scam of the entire internet ! We Finally find out the truth ! Here is the Forex Killer Review.

Forex Killer is a fx trading software which generate signals. So in theory, you just have to pick out the 10 last prices of any charts you want, feed the software with these informations and then you’ve got a perfect signal (sell or buy) with a stop loss and a take profit plus the signal probability. Then you place your order and in theory, you make a big profit !

Isn’t it Fabulous ?
Okay now reality ! So Forex Killer is one of the first trading system I bought. You know, I was really excited about it, because of reading the positive reviews everywhere on the internet. So i tried the Forex Killer on a demo account, with $2000, and the first two weeks i get plenty of good trades, I was watching my account growing and growing until the (demo) nightmare starts!
At the end of the first month, I started to get bad trades and I lost 75% of my demo account ! All the signals were wrong !
So i decided to stop my forex killer reviewing !

But one month after this deception, I decided to let another chance to the forex killer  trading software because a lot of people seemed to make money with it ! So I tried it again on a demo account…

I first get some good trades and then exactly like the last time, I started to get only bad trades, all the signals were wrong again ! That is because of its instability and because I think that this system is unpredictable and kinda risky that I don’t advise you the Forex KillerIt’s a bad fx trading software !

I could do like all the other people on the internet and tell you that this is a great product and then take a wonderful commission on your wasted money ! But i don’t !

Great Trading Forex Book : Currency Trading For Dummies

This little post to advise you a book I’ve used in order to become a better trader (i’m not still finished with that !! and i’ll never)…  This week our recommended trading forex book is Currency Trading for Dummies…

At first, here is the best book you can find no matter  if you’re a forex beginner or a forex veteran. Indeed, that’s one of the first forex book I’ve bought and it’s one of the best book available. It is “Currency Trading for Dummies”. This book is great because it teaches you all the currency trading basics, the “foundations” of the forex market and then it explains very clearly some of the best strategies, the best methods. This book also deals with some points which are very important, such as forex money management and trading psychology.  It’s actually the only book I consult when I need to remember about a technique I forgort.

To recap, this book is one of the best you can find, it has the basics plus some of the best strategies… If you can only buy one book, buy this one ! No matter if you’re starting trading of you’re trading since 1934, that’s our best forex guide !

Let’s Talk About Scams Part 1

Scams are a real pain on the interent, and as you know, the purpose of our blog is to avoid the costumer (in this case you) some bad surprises… Anyway, in this little post we’re gonna talk a bit about the big market that Forex Scam represents… Finally discover how to avoid forex scam !    

I could talk about scams for hours !! Indeed, as a reviewer i have to buy a lot of forex products and trust i would be able to write an entire blog with all the forex scams i’ve found…

The biggest problem with all the forex services available on the internet is that you’ve got plenty, plenty, plenty of products and by the way, a lot, a lot, but a lot of scams

The other problem is that you’ve got so much so called “reviews” written by people who haven’t even buy the product they talk about but promote it only to make money… And trust me those people are ruining serious people business who are trying to work effectively in order to publish great reviews that each and every forex trader can use without loosing their money.

I would say that around 60-70% of forex products that you can find on the internet are scams… And it is the same problem all over the internet. If you take as an example the marketing market, once again almost 80% of the services available are stuff created to make money for their author, and the only thing that will happen to you, is that you’ll lose money…

Many times, here’s what happen concerning any forex product…  A costumer decides to buy a method or an EA, or an indicator, then he tries it on demo account during a very short while and he’s so happy to see that he gets some positive results that he decides to use the product on a real account most of the time using a small starting capital… And from this moment on the same thing happens : the product hasn’t been tested during on a medium-long times period (1 or 2 months) and it shows its true nature on the real account when this one hit the $0 bottom…

So just this message to tell you to really be careful in terms of choosing the forex products you want to buy and then, try them on demo account for at least one month… That’s the key to find out if a product is or isn’t THE good one for you…


Fx Trading System : Forex Confidante Review (Top Notch Product)

I’ve already created a video review of Thomas Strigano’s Forex Confidante (watch it here) – but today I just wanted to make a summary of it and publish a written review of the product…so keep reading!

What Is Forex Confidante ?

Okay, so Forex Confidante is a well know product that I’ve been reviewing for a little while. Actually, forex confidante is a forex trading ebook that teaches some “secret” methods.

As you know, forex trading methods and systems are the products that I prefer, but I’m going to be as objective as I can!!

This product consists of a book and videos created by Thomas Strigano who was a chief trader in New York for 20 years. This guy is an amazing human being… I had a long phone call with him and he’s one of the kindest people I’ve known on the internet. What’s more, the methods in his forex ebook are really, really effective and moreover they explain the currency trading basics.

My Testing And Opinion Of Forex Confidante :

Here’s what happened: at first glance, I thought that these methods were going to be hard to apply because they seemed a little difficult… However the book is so well written and so motivating that the only thing you want to do is try the system on a demo account without waiting !

And that’s actually what I did… I read the book twice, I took some notes, and I tried the system! And that’s great! On my first 20 days, with a $1,000 starting capital, I made $830 in profit, by applying the methods only in the mornings.

What is also great about this system is that the author is also giving you money management tips and psychological tipswhich are motivating and realistic that you must follow.

If you’re a forex beginner, you NEED Forex Confidante! If you work using the information in this ebook, you’ll get the most amazing results you’ve ever seen ! This is a must have forex product… If you need one ebook, get this one… And even if you need 45 ebooks grab this one, this is the best out there !

To conclude my review, Forex Confidante is a great forex system that you can order with confidence !

Click Here to Discover The Forex Confidante Method !

Cheers, Samuel !

3 Reasons To Buy Through The Above Link:

1: You’ll help the UltimateForexReview Blog survive by staying an unbiased place filled with honest reviews. Indeed, each review we make requires about a $300 investment, in addition to about 1 month of time.

2: You will get a FREE forex book where you’ll be given amazing tips and strategies to help you make more pips each month.

3: You’ll get 7 days of free email consultation and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me whatever questions you want about forex trading and the product you bought.

There’s no extra cost – you get all this stuff for free and you’ll help us survive if you simply buy through the link right above. The only thing you’ll have to do is claim your bonuses here after you have ordered!

EZForex Host Review

Today, we are going to talk about something every trader should need… It is a Virtual Private Server  ! Here we’re going to test the EZForex Host ! Read on and find the truth about EZForex Host ! Here is the EZForex Host review !

Okay, so here is a quick review about a product each trader need. It is a VPS account. What does that mean ? It means that when you’re trading with an expert advisor (for example) your Metatrader Platform needs to stay live 24H a day… And you can’t let your own computer runs your trading account, that’s why you have to put it on a server which will do that correctly.

EZForex Host is a great service which provides a Virtual Private Server for a reasonable price… The trades are operated very fastly and I‘ve never had a problem for the moment, that’s why i recommend EZForex Host.

Click Here To Discover EZForex Host

3 Reasons To Buy Through The Above Link :

First : You’ll help the UltimateForexReview Blog survive by staying an unbiased place filled with honest reviews. Indeed, each review we make requires +/- a $300 investment and most of all, a lot of time : almost one month.

Then you will get a great forex book where you’ll be told amazing tips and strategies in order to make more pips each months.

Last But no Least : you’ll get a free 7 days email consultation and as a consequence you’ll have the opportunity to ask me whatever questions you want about forex trading and the product you bought.

And you know what ? There’s no extra cost, you get all this stuff for free and you’ll help us survive if you simply buy through the link right above. The only thing you’ll have to do is claim your bonuses here when you’ll have ordered !

The Forgotten Key Step Before Starting Your Online Business

In these tough economic times  many people need to make some extra money or want to change their line of work. Look around the Internet and you’ll find plenty of people telling you that you can make lots of money online. Is this true? I’m here to tell you the answer to this question can most definitely be “Yes”, but only if you know where to look!

There is a definite learning curve to go through before you realise what really works online. Most people start with some form of networking program – usually the one that looks like it will pay a lot of money with very little work. The problem here is that with every site you visit someone is happily telling you that you will be a millionaire by the end of the week – not only that but you can do it in your pajamas, working only a couple of hours a week, and party the rest of the time on the beach!

This is pure marketing hype and is of course absolute nonsense. But don’t worry if you have fallen for it too – we all have! The sooner you move beyond this type of program the sooner you will start to a real business online and the less money you will waste in the process. I look to look at the money I have spent (wasted) on these programs as the price of my online education  – it’s a positive spin that softens the blow of all the money I have lost! Just remember, the longer you stay with these “instant riches” programs as your online business model, the more money you will lose.

A better place to start your journey is to look at yourself! Go on, take a good long look in the mirror. This is the very step that most people fail to even consider – most people fail to ask themselves some good hard questions about who they really are and what qualities they have as human beings. So, before starting your journey on the road to online wealth, you first have to take a good long look at yourself.

The truth is that not everyone is suited for every type of job. I probably couldn’t be a nurse but there are things I can do comfortably. If that is true in the real “bricks and mortar” world it is no different in the virtual world either. So, be honest, do you have the self discipline and drive to work for yourself? If you’re not careful you might give up your old job where your boss was an idiot and find that your working for a lunatic instead!  You need to know exactly what makes you tick and what your real strengths and weaknesses are.

Only when you have gone through this process, analysing your dominant characteristics and current skill set, are you ready to start looking for the right program for your online business. In my coaching work with would-be online entrepreneurs I spend as much time getting to the bottom of who they are as individuals as I do in talking about the “how to” of online marketing!

What’s Wrong With Affiliate Marketing?

A few years ago selling affiliate products was a great way to get your online business growing quickly. Many people made a substantial living out of affiliate marketing and some established marketers still are. The unfortunate reality is that most affiliates who are just starting up will never make any sales at all! Only a tiny percentage will ever become top performers and most will give up in frustration way before they have learned the necessary skills and acquired the resources to succeed!

I can remember my excitement a few years ago when I first decided that somehow my future was going to be through online marketing. I set up half a dozen “niche” blogs – learning wordpress as I went along – and populated them with Clickbank affiliate links to information products that “solved” the problem.  And I can clearly remember my absolute excitement as I woke my wife up in the middle of the night to show her my first sale registered in my CB back office!

The sale was for about $30, but as far as I was concerned I had cracked it! This Internet Marketing stuff was dead easy and I was going to make my millions. Why that sale occurred I don’t know but it was the first and last for several months! My vision of leading a life of luxury diminished over many late nights of trying to get to grips with all the ins and outs of marketing online.

Since those early days I have jumped ship several times and tried many other forms of online business. Although I have had many affiliate sales over the years the total income is way less than the money I had spent on advertising. Then there were the countless hours I have spent huddled over a computer and ignoring my family. If this time is factored in too, even at a basic wage of a few dollars per hour, then I have probably lost thousands! As someone once said to me, I had an expensive hobby, not an online business!

It became clear to me that the traditional affiliate model was flawed, particularly for people low on financial resources!I could keep doing what I was doing but I was unlikely to make any serious money – which was the whole point of the exercise anyway.

Almost by chance I came across the MOBE business model promoted by super successful online marketer matt lloyd. Although similar in some respect to affiliate marketing this program was set up to reward licensees at up to 90% of the product price. As Matt’s products are top end Internet Marketing information the returns for a sale can be quite substantial.

The real “difference that makes the difference” was the fact that all licensees use Matt’s sales team to close the initial and back end sales. This is a top professional team who use a variety of follow up methods including telephone calls. Their closing rate is way above the industry average and it their professionalism that leads to the success of the program as a whole.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional affiliate marketing then I would certainly recommend that you look at Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Licensee program. It starts with downloading his IM Revolution Ebook, which is a 72 page marketing plan for your new business.

You can download it from the box on the right – please come back to me if you have any questions

The Problem

Before we go any further there are some “Truths” you need to take onboard:

  •     You won’t get rich by next Thursday – if someone tells you this, they’re lying.
  •     You can’t double your money every week – Warren Buffett can’t, neither can you.
  •     Nobody’s going to flood your PayPal account with money while you sleep.
  •     The “Gurus” don’t care about you – they just want your money. Sorry, but it’s true.
  •     There is no “Secret” formula that only a few people know, but is yours for a price!
  •     People will lie to you to get you to send them money.
  •     When honest people deal with dishonest people – the dishonest people always win.
  •     No “Sponsor” is going to do the work for you – there is no “free lunch”!

If your in-box is anything like mine you have probably flooded with “Get Rich Quick” type schemes. Please delete them – they are seriously not worth your attention. Really, they are not!

Think about it. If a stranger came up to you in the street and said “Give me £57 and I will double your money in a week” would you do it? I doubt it, and yet this is exactly what people do everyday on the internet. No wonder the internet is seen as a glorified ATM machine by some!

And I was guilty of the same mistake too! As I mentioned I desperately needed to make some extra money, and building an internet business part-time seemed like the ideal way to do it. Probably safer than robbing a bank! So I bought in to some of the quick, easy money, schemes. My credit card took a real hammering and someone else was getting access to their own ATM at my expense!

Fortunately, before this became terminal I got myself a real life education. I was able to see the error of my ways and start again on a path that stood a real chance of making some money. It is also a path that has integrity – a quality that I had tried to maintain throughout my business life. To me, “selling my soul to the devil” was not an option.

You must understand that there is a massive difference between what the so-called “Gurus” say you should do and what they actually do! In your desperation to earn money online you follow the latest “system” totally, religiously, and end up making ……… absolutely zero, nada, nothing! You reason that it is the system that is wrong and jump to the next “Golden Goose” and spend more money on another system that leads to ….. exactly the same results. Do you know someone who has done this – not you of course but someone you know well?

The truth is that the Gurus don’t make money using the system they are selling. They make their fortunes duping us into buying their useless products. Their massive list of e-mail addresses is everything, and they constantly promote their latest “launch” (and those of their cronies) to this.

Even the few genuine approaches out there now have an inherent problem. It just takes too much time, effort, and cash for the average person to set up a complete money making system that will actually generate results. Without having a very large budget to work with and being prepared to invest countless hours in front of a computer screen, testing things out, you are simply not going to succeed.

With all that said, there are regular people like you and I who can and do make good money online. They have usually gone through many “dead ends” before they have found something that works. Like many others I have spent a small fortune on rubbish programs. I don’t regret it (not too much anyway!) because it was the price of my education. Just as there are fees for attending university or college, there is a price to be paid for gaining real knowledge about Internet Marketing.

Fortunately, I have found a system that does work and is one that anyone can follow because you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. That system is matt lloyd‘s “my online business empire” (MOBE). As a paid licensee I am effectively plugging into the massive follow up system that is completely managed by Matt’s team. All the parts of the process that I would never be able to implement off my own back are in place, and I can just concentrate on helping others to see how this system could benefit them too.

For me it all became completely clear when I read “The IM Revolution” by Matt Lloyd. You can grab your FREE copy by filling out the web enquiry form above.

The Solution

The truth is there are probably many solutions to making money online. But finding the ones that really work is difficult. The online marketing world is exceptionally complicated and many people suffocate with information overload before they find an answer.

In the offline world one of the guaranteed ways of making money as a business owner is to buy a franchise. I don’t know what the statistics are but I don’t believe there are too many McDonalds failures! If you follow the franchise model you are pretty much certain to make money.

That is exactly what matt lloyd has done online with his my online business empire (MOBE) licence model. He has a created an industry leading follow up sytem that takes the leads you generate for his products and turns them into massive amounts of revenue. With as much as 90% of the initial purchase price, and 50% of any additional products, being returned to the licensee there is an amazing opportunity here for anyone who is prepared to follow the system and generate leads!

The really great thing about this system for anyone new to Internet Marketing is that you don’t need to learn all the ancillary skills that would normally be necessary to make an online business work. All the back up and sales process is done for you – all you have to do is drive quality traffic to the products and the rest takes care of itself.

Of course, you will learn many skills along the way – we call this “learning while you’re earning” – but all that is required to start with is a strong desire and the ability to follow some simple instructions. To really get a handle around the whole MOBE system read Matt’s IM Revolution – to get free access simply complete the web enquiry form above

My Email Marketing Empire

“The Money Is In The List”

You’ve probably heard that quote before! If you haven’t you really need to internalise that simple saying right now. Without a doubt your email list is your number one asset! This is how money is made online and, if you are not building a list, and then building trust with that list, you will be struggling to make money online.

There are four major reasons why building your own list is so important.

1) When someone joins your list it is a huge sign of trust. Everybody already gets too much email, so the fact that they are allowing you to add to their inbox is a huge commitment.

2) People won’t check your website every day but most will check their email every five minutes!

3) It’s easy to ignore a status update or blog post but it’s hard t ignore a new inbox item.

4) And this is the key: It’s what “the Gurus” actually do to make money! The people who make real money online use email marketing. Every time they have a new “product launch” they go straight to their list and Ka Ching! They are the ones actually making a lot of money online so don’t try to reinvent the wheel. And you know what? Every one of them would trade Twitter, Facebook, their blog and any other online asset to keep their email list. They make money off their email list.

Social networking, blogging and all the other tools out there serve their purpose and can help grow your community, but your email list is, by far, your most important asset. Above all else, focus on growing your email list.

My Email Marketing Empire is matt lloyd‘s 8 module video course on doing e-mail marketing the right way. When it is done correctly, email marketing will help you extract most of the juice out of your list. In this program, he teaches you his super-successful and proven methods for writing money-getting emails.

Even if you’ve never done any email marketing before, and don’t know to set up an email autoresponder (or how to use one), don’t worry. This course will show you the entire process from start to profitable finish!

10000 Leads In 100 Days

The hardest lesson for all Internet Marketers is learning to distinguish between the hype and the truth! As with so many other areas of life there are two ways we can acquire this knowledge:

  • Learning from our own experience
  • Learning from the experience of others

If we choose to learn from our own experience we will have to put in a great deal of time, energy, and money and must be prepared for many disappointments along the way. If we let others trail blaze for us we will have less investment of time and energy but will probably have to pay for their knowledge!

There is a great deal of hype about lead generation with everyone looking for the latest “Golden Goose” of traffic generation. Humans being generally lazy want the one thing that is going to make their fortune. The truth is very different.

In his program “10000 Leads in 100 Days” matt lloyd lays out exactly what he has done to get an avalanche of leads in his multi million dollar online business. As he says “I cannot show you a way to get 100 leads a day, but I can show you 100 ways to get 1 lead a day”! This is the truth of Internet Marketing: a lot of things work a little and those “little” all add up to a collective “lot”!

For your investment in this coaching Matt sends you one video a day for 100 days. These are real over-the-shoulder views of Matt at work,, showing you exacty what he does to generate vast amounts of traffic for his offers. Nothing is hidden and there are no fuzzy “greyed-out” areas on the film that could come from anyone’s account. This is real information done in real time.

As a companion bonus to the course you also get the complete “My Email Marketing Empire” program. If you generate leads you must understand how to get the most out of these to make money. You also get 3 hours of coaching with one of Matt’s traffic advisers – this is invaluable in itself and really helped me personally to get the most from the training.

The complete “10000 Leads In 100 Days” coaching program costs $1997 paid in full, or there is a budgeted plan of $297 for 8 months.

If you’re reaction to this is “that’s a lot” then you have not understand the value.  Remember there is always a cost – either it’s your time, energy, and money learning it yourself, or it’s someone else’s time and energy and just your money! I’m certainly not going to do a hard sell on this, other than to say this program will repay you the price many times over.

Just think about this for a moment. It is generally accepted amongst IMers that a well worked list is worth a dollar a month for every name on the list. Imagine if in 100 days you had a list of 10,000 and were able to get that level of return!

Click the image below to listen to Matt Lloyd as he speaks on his lead generating webinar and begin your journey to building your own lead grabbing machine.