Trading Tips + Vacations !

Just this little message to tell you that I’m (still) in Vacations and that’s why, I’ve not been posting a lot these last times ! However, I’m currently reviewing few forex products and I think that I’ll be able to come up with some fresh reviewsin about 3 weeks. Nevertheless, let me share with you 2 little (and great) effective trading tips I’ve just found on the internet !

“Understanding Fear

When a trader’s screen is pulsating red (a sign that stocks are down) and bad news comes about a certain stock or the general market, it’s not uncommon for the trader to get scared. When this happens, they may overreact and feel compelled to liquidate their holdings and go to cash or to refrain from taking any risks. Now, if they do that they may avoid certain losses – but they also will miss out on the gains.

Traders need to understand what fear is – simply a natural reaction to what they perceive as a threat (in this case perhaps to their profit or money-making potential). Quantifying the fear might help. Or that they may be able to better deal with fear by pondering what they are afraid of, and why they are afraid of it.

Also, by pondering this issue ahead of time and knowing how they may instinctively react to or perceive certain things, a trader can hope to isolate and identify those feelings during a trading session, and then try to focus on moving past the emotion. Of course this may not be easy, and may take practice, but it’s necessary to the health of an investor’s portfolio.

Greed Is Your Worst Enemy

There’s an old saying on Wall Street that “pigs get slaughtered”. These little pigs want more and more. This greed in investors causes them to hang on to winning positions too long, trying to get every last tick. This trait can be devastating to returns because the trader is always running the risk of getting whipsawed or blown out of a position.

Greed is not easy to overcome. That’s because within many of us there seems to be an instinct to always try to do better, to try to get just a little more. A trader should recognize this instinct if it is present, and develop trade plans based upon rational business decisions, not on what amounts to an emotional whim or potentially harmful instinct. ”

I’ll post some others soon !

Video Review : Forex Confidante

Here’s another little forex video review. In this short clip, I’m reviewing the Forex Confidante strategy and I trade live using it . I hope you’ll enjoy it ! Looking forward to hear from you ! Samuel !