10000 Leads In 100 Days

The hardest lesson for all Internet Marketers is learning to distinguish between the hype and the truth! As with so many other areas of life there are two ways we can acquire this knowledge:

  • Learning from our own experience
  • Learning from the experience of others

If we choose to learn from our own experience we will have to put in a great deal of time, energy, and money and must be prepared for many disappointments along the way. If we let others trail blaze for us we will have less investment of time and energy but will probably have to pay for their knowledge!

There is a great deal of hype about lead generation with everyone looking for the latest “Golden Goose” of traffic generation. Humans being generally lazy want the one thing that is going to make their fortune. The truth is very different.

In his program “10000 Leads in 100 Days” matt lloyd lays out exactly what he has done to get an avalanche of leads in his multi million dollar online business. As he says “I cannot show you a way to get 100 leads a day, but I can show you 100 ways to get 1 lead a day”! This is the truth of Internet Marketing: a lot of things work a little and those “little” all add up to a collective “lot”!

For your investment in this coaching Matt sends you one video a day for 100 days. These are real over-the-shoulder views of Matt at work,, showing you exacty what he does to generate vast amounts of traffic for his offers. Nothing is hidden and there are no fuzzy “greyed-out” areas on the film that could come from anyone’s account. This is real information done in real time.

As a companion bonus to the course you also get the complete “My Email Marketing Empire” program. If you generate leads you must understand how to get the most out of these to make money. You also get 3 hours of coaching with one of Matt’s traffic advisers – this is invaluable in itself and really helped me personally to get the most from the training.

The complete “10000 Leads In 100 Days” coaching program costs $1997 paid in full, or there is a budgeted plan of $297 for 8 months.

If you’re reaction to this is “that’s a lot” then you have not understand the value.  Remember there is always a cost – either it’s your time, energy, and money learning it yourself, or it’s someone else’s time and energy and just your money! I’m certainly not going to do a hard sell on this, other than to say this program will repay you the price many times over.

Just think about this for a moment. It is generally accepted amongst IMers that a well worked list is worth a dollar a month for every name on the list. Imagine if in 100 days you had a list of 10,000 and were able to get that level of return!

Click the image below to listen to Matt Lloyd as he speaks on his lead generating webinar and begin your journey to building your own lead grabbing machine.