Can I Get Rich Trading The Forex ?

Hello !!  Today, we’re gonna talk about the question of the century ! Can you get rich trading the forex ? Because we have to retain that the purpose of trading is making money on the long run… I see people who say “Oh my god you’re always thinking about money !”.  I asnwer that trading the currency market without thinking about money is a hard challenge… Isnt it ? And in the end the goal of everybody out there is to make money…

But here’s a first little tip… If you want to trade correctly the forex and be profitable on the long run you must stop thinking dollars or euro and have to think points ! Do that and trust me it will help… Anyway, we’re not gonna talk about that this time…

Let’s focus on the main topic… Is it possible to get rich on the forex ? My answer is simple : yes but it will take some time except if you’ve got a $30,000 starting capital ! Once again, everything’s based on money management… Money management is the key. If you follow your money management plan, you’ll make money.

Of course you can’t get rich in one or two years with a $1000 starting account… It’s not possible. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get get rich with a $1000 starting capital. It will only take more time.

Most of the forex scams out there are proposing some unbelievable plan which will let you able to make $1,000,000 in one year startint with a $500 account. That’s untrue. Come on let’s be serious, if it was possible, everybody will be richer than Bill Gates (which by the way  became again the richest man on earth !).

You can easily make around $5000 on your first year with a $1000 starting capital, that’s what I did and trust me if I did that, everybody can ! You’ll make money on the long run with a great forex method because each time your capital grows, you can increase your lots and then make even more money.

So the answer is yes ! By working, following your money management plan and having a great forex method, you’ll be able to make serious money on the forex market !

Don’t forget to trade safely !