Top 7 Best Mattress Manufacturers & Brands

1. Simmons Mattresses

Simmons MattressSimmons Mattresses feature pocketed coil springs which minimize movement. The Simmons line tends to be slightly more expensive than Sealy due in part to the higher number of coils. Because of the independent coil system, Simmons mattresses feature 825-850 coils in a queen size mattress compared to about 735 in a Sealy. Though the Sealy has significantly fewer coils, its interlocking coil system is very supportive by nature and simply doesn’t require as many coils as a Simmons.


simmons brand logoZalmon Simmons founded the company in 1870 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In 1889 Simmons introduced spiral coil springs which revolutionized the mattress industry. The Wall-A-Bed, later known as the famous Murphy Bed, was introduced in 1912. Simmons kept pace with the industrial revolution in the 1920′s, employing a machine that coiled wire and pushed it into fabric sleeves. Sleep research funded by Simmons in the 1930′s revealed that sleepers change their posture more than 35 times in an 8 hour period.

This information helped Simmons define and formulate its current BeautyRest mattress technology. In 1958 Simmons was the first to introduce king and queen size mattresses. 1995 brought the introduction of the Simmons BackCare mattress line which focused on supporting the five zones of the body. It was also the year that Simmons aired its famous commercials where a bowling ball was dropped on one side of a mattress without disturbing the bowling pins on the other side of the mattress, demonstrating the benefits of the independent coil system.

Follow this link to visit the official Simmons website.

2. Sealy Mattresses

Sealy MattressSealy Posturepedic Mattresses are designed by orthopedic surgeons. Their trademark characteristic is their interlocking coil system which provides added stability and durability. Compared to Simmons, the other leading brand, Sealy beds usually feel slightly firmer and are best for couples who are light sleepers. Couples who get in and out of bed frequently throughout the night may be better served by the independent coil system of the Simmons which isolates movement. Some people often compare it to Dreamfoam Bedding, you can read the Dreamfoam mattress reviews to learn more between these two mattress brands.


sealy brand logoSealy has been around for more than 125 years, originating in Sealy, Texas. The founder, Daniel Haynes, sold his patented mattress technology to a Texas company who started officially marketing the mattresses as Sealy in 1906. The company grew through the roaring twenties and barely survived the great depression, finally creating their famous Sealy Posturepedic mattress in 1950. This was the first mattress that was designed to provide solid back support. Sealy mattresses have continued to incorporate high-tech coils, first with programmed coils for increased support and later with their PostureTech Coil. Most recently Sealy launched their own memory foam product, TrueForm, as well as the Springfree mattress which has a latex core.

3. Serta Mattresses

In the industry for over 70 years, Serta is the number two mattress brand behind Sealy. The Serta Perfect Sleeper is America’s best-selling mattress.Serta Mattress


Serta brand logoSerta was founded in 1931 using the same licensing formula employed by Coca-Cola and competitor Sealy to expand their manufacturing capabilities. This business model would later prove to be even more significant in 2004 when Serta was purchased by its largest licensee, National Bedding Company. Serta introduced their Pillow Soft line in the 1970′s which began the trend towards more comfortable, less firm mattresses. The company has shown strong growth in the last thirty years, expanding its production facilities by over 300% in the 1990′s alone. Their “Counting Sheep” advertising campaign won awards for its humorous portrayal of animated sheep upset that they had been put out of business by Serta mattresses. This successful campaign also helped increase awareness and drive a burst in sales for the company. Serta was also the first major mattress manufacturer to release a fireproof mattress that can withstand an open flame.


Serta offers three major lines.

1. Perfect Sleeper (popular innerspring mattress)
2. International Touch (all-foam mattress)
3. Perfect Day (high-end innerspring mattress)

Here is a list of Serta mattress sets:

* Lovable
* Reawaken
* Inscribe
* Appreciate
* Emerald Stone
* Brandy
* Sheep for the Cure
* Waterfall
* Gentle Wind
* Mosaic
* Lovable
* Unsurpassable
* Tropical Oasis
* Mysteria
* Everlasting
* Longing

4. Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

Tempur-Pedic MattressTempur-Pedic mattresses are high-end viscoelastic foam mattresses that are designed to let your body sink in and then support you. Many people are now using Tempur-Pedic pillows which, at around $110, are a much more affordable test than the investment required to start sleeping on a viscoelastic foam mattress every night. The Tempur-Pedic company is quick to point out that their mattresses and pillows are not made out of “memory foam” but Tempur Material. Like the cheaper memory foam pillows found at Costco and Bed, Bath & Beyond for $30, memory foam mattresses do not use the same material employed by Tempur-Pedic. Some mattress spotters report that the cheaper “knock-off” foam mattresses do not conduct heat properly and leave the sleeper too warm throughout the night. Tempur-Pedic mattresses also aim to solve that problem by creating one or two air cushions between the layers of Tempur material. These air cushions help disperse the heat for a cooler sleeping environment.

Recent satisfaction studies show that Tempurpedic mattresses have the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry, edging out Comfortaire air beds and a variety of other memory foam mattresses.

tempurpedic brand logoTempur-Pedic mattresses fall into the “specialty” mattress category along with Sterling and Select Comfort. These mattresses are noted for their extended warranty (typically 20-year limited warranty as opposed to 10) and higher price points. Customers who purchase Tempur-Pedic mattresses tend to be extremely loyal, almost cult-like in their testimonials about the brand. When you lie down on one during the course of your mattress shopping you may also find yourself a convert.

The typical price range for Queen: $1600-$3000

5. Spring Air Mattresses

Spring Air has been making innerspring mattresses since 1926 and is based in Elk Grove, Illinois.  Spring Air is the fourth largest manufacturer of mattresses in the United States.

Spring Air LogoThe Spring Air Back Supporter line of mattresses are unique in that you don’t turn them over like most mattresses.  This line of mattresses uses zoned coils and foam, making flipping unnecessary.

Unfortunately, Spring Air mattresses often receive poor customer satisfaction ratings and have a reputation for being particularly prone to sagging.  Though all innerspring mattresses can certainly sag over time, the lower quality parts used in Spring Air mattresses can make this issue even more pronounced for owners of this brand. However, the Spring Airline does tend to be a bit more affordable for those who are particularly price-conscious (you can often find them for very low prices at Costco or, for example).  Just keep in mind that many customers have discovered that sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more if you want a quality, long-lasting mattress. Buying at Costco is a particularly good idea here as, if you’re not satisfied with the mattress after sleeping on it for a few weeks, Costco has a very generous return policy.

6. King Koil (Comfort Solutions)

Founded in 1898 by Samuel Bronstein, King Koil is best known for its flagship line Comfort Solutions. King Koil specializes in inner-spring mattresses but incorporates many modern mattress technologies like viscoelastic memory foam, imported tickings, and variable density coils. King Koil claims to be the only mattress endorsed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research.


king kong brand logoOriginally founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1898 by Samuel Bronstein, King Koil is now based in Willowbrook, Illinois.

In addition to their Comfort Solutions line, the Jaclyn Smith (American actress) and Laura Ashley (Welsh Designer of clothes and home furnishings) lines offer elegant, high-quality mattresses with distinctive fabrics, colors, and patterns.

7. Stearns and Foster Mattresses

Stearns & Foster mattresses are the high-end luxury line from Sealy. These premium mattresses start around $1800 and go way up from there (we recently tested a $3900 Queen size Stearns & Foster and that isn’t even the best they offer).


stearns foster brand logoCreated by George Stearns and Seth Foster in 1846 just outside of Cincinnati, Stearns & Foster is one of the oldest mattress companies in America. In the early 1900′s, Stearns & Foster started to put more emphasis into the style and design of their products, a trait that would carry on to the present-day line of high-quality mattresses. After redesigning their entire product line in 1994 they received a 97% satisfaction rating from their customers.

The Bonding over Bowling Games

Last month, my brother and I went to a wedding for our cousin. She got married to a guy that we introduced her to when we went bowling one night. It wasn’t a date night or anything, and we were just there to have a little fun. They talked to each other for a little bit, and then they ended up talking the entire night, and pretty much forgot that we were there. I had never seen anything like it. They had wedding invitations with little bowling pins on them, to represent that day, and I thought it was kind of funny and cute at the same time.

On the days leading up to the wedding, we decided to go out with the groom for a little bowling. He didn’t want to have some kind of bachelor party because he didn’t like the idea of women dancing in front of him before he was going to get married. Continue reading The Bonding over Bowling Games

LMT Forex Formula Software Review

I’ve already created a video review of Dean Saunders’ LMT Forex Formula Software (watch it here) – but today I just wanted to make a summary of it and publish a written review of the product…so keep reading!

What Is Dean Saunders’ LMT Forex?

Let’s start by describing this new forex trading strategy…LMT Forex is a software which comes with a 47 page ebook which shows you how the software works.

How Does Dean Saunders’ LMT Forex Work?

When you get access to the product, the only thing you have to do is read the ebook and then put Dean’s software on your metatrader platform. You’ll get about 2-4 signals each day. To check the strength of the signal you’ve got to check some parameters (Dean Saunders explains these in the ebook). Depending on the parameters, you’ll know if the trade is really going to be profitable or if it’s only a little trade that will not be profitable. You have the choice to automatically rely on the software, but I recommend manually following the parameters to make higher profits.

My Testing And Opinion Of LMT Forex:

Personally, I really think that the LMT Forex Formula is one of the best forex products of the year. I’m starting to use it on my own live account, as it is really amazing! Concerning the support, Dean Saunders and his team will always answer your questions very fast, which is an important benefit in my mind.

As I always do with my Forex tests, I tested LMT Forex with a $1000 starting balance on demo – after 24 days I’ve made $1,148.00 in profit! That’s really amazing!

Based on my experience and test, LMT Forex is truly a hot pick and I strongly recommend it!

Forex Robot : Forex Derivative 2.0 Review

Hi There !! I’ve been kinda busy those last times with my French exams but today I’m coming with a new review !

Indeed, we’re going to talk about the Forex Derivative Robot which is another big scam ! As you might guess, I’m not gonna be long ! Anyway here’s my review so enjoy lol !

So what is exactly Forex Derivative ? This is an expert advisor that (in theory) you just have to put on your metatrader platform and then wait for the profits… But once again that’s not true !  This product is actually another robot scam and it will only make you lose money !

Actually there’s not a lot left to say about this crap product… So here’s some comments taken from few forex forums :

-”I bought this EA and put it on 4 $5,000.00 demo (thank God) accounts with 4 separate brokers. In one week 2 accounts were down to about $3,500.00 and the other 2 hovered around $4,000.00! “

-”This software contains optimized settings (optimized parameters are embedded into the code) to give great results in backtests. But it does perform poorly in real forward tests and for real trading accounts.”

Personally i’ve tested Forex Derivative on a $1000 demo account and about three weeks latter, the account had lost $311 and was up to $689... Isn’t that such a great forex robot ?

The only thing I can tell you now is : “Stay away !!

Hope it’ll help !!

Trade Safely.

Cheers, Samuel.

PS : I’ll be coming soon with a brand new forex video review !!

Commercial Network Services VPS

Today here’s my second forex video review ! In this video, I’m talking about how Virtual desktops are useful for traders and I’m reviewing the best provider which is Commercial Network Services. I hope you’ll love the video !

Forex Robot : Forex Megadroid Review

Hey There ! Today, I’m coming with a review of one of the “hottest” expert advisor available on the internet… Everybody’s been talking about it since March saying “Oh my god, this robot is truly amazing, you’re going to make $20,000 each month with a $30 starting capital !!” And I’m so tired about that ! Everybody’s lying ! Arghh ! You should read the rest of the review, in order to get an idea about the Forex Megadroid Robot.

For those who don’t know anything about Forex Megadroid, it is another forex robot that you only have to put on your metatrader account… It’s the perfect tool for the lazy trader… According to the Forex Megadroid website they had “No Losing Trade Since 20th March 2009!” and that’s the first lie ! Second lie comes there : “Forex MegaDroid™ Is The Direct Outcome From 38 Years Of Learning And Experiencing”. Third lie is here : “Turning $1 Into $4 In EVERY Market Condition”.  Anyway, you’ll have understood this sale page is only a BIG lie.

I’m so angry at these kinds of products ! The owners of this “stuff” are making millions of Dollars, really MILLIONS by selling crap to naive people !

For the moment, the robot is not performing that bad… But it doesn’t mean that it’s performing well, we’re really far far far away from a decent performance. What it’s sure is that it’s not performing as advertised ! And here’s the reason why :

This robot appears to be a FAPT Scalper clone, with a few extras borrowed from other robots. If you review their posted trades for the past years you will quickly see that it doesnt trade at all hours, as they claimed. It trades in the exact same time window as FAPT. In fact Strategy 1, the more conservative strategy is pretty much identical to FAPT, and the only difference between this and the more aggressive strategy 2 is the Take profit level. Strategy 1 takes profit at 5 pips, and strategy 2 takes profit at 15 pips, and these two strategies run simultaneously. Beyond this, I see no grounds for their claims of Artifical Inteligence Algorithms. All their trades are scalper style trades, during the same hours as FAPT. They do not switch from one strategy to anouther depending on market conditions, they simply eliminate the more aggressive, higher profit strategy, at times. And I suspect they do this manualy. 

Further, if you review back a few years you will find several instances where they seem to selectively employ their RecoveryMode. In instances where the EA has taken more than two full losses simultaneously the RecoveryMode is off. In instances where it has only taken one full loss the RecoveryMode is on, and even then there are instances where it placed two simultaneous orders following a major loss, the first at double position size and the second at regular position size. If you tally these two open orders, the total number of lots exceeds the account balance at 100:1 leverage. This is only possible at higher levels of leverage and even then its very questionable. MegaDroid just seems to be a FAPT clone designed to run on the eurusd pair. It only places one trade per each strategy per night. The only difference between the two strategies is the take profit level, with the higher 15 pip take profit being the more aggressive setting. It doesnt take the small losses that FAPT takes, rather it closes most bad trades at 1 pip profit, therebye maintaining its high win ratio.

And there you have it. Its just a one horse wonder, anouther night scalper. I only does one thing, once per night, at one specific time, on one specific pair. (kind of like an old married couple). Its simply an amalgamation of the best from the best.

Not to complain to hard, it can be a money maker, just bewareTo achieve their results they use a 30% risk setting. A couple of full losses at this level can decimate an account. If you run the RecoverMode and double position size after a loss, Martingale style, it could crush your account even quicker, likewise for using RecuceLots false.”

What does that mean ? It means that in about 6-12 months this  robot would have stopped making  money, it will simply start blowing up your account ! So please, if you don’t want to lose money on the long term, stay away.

Trading Tips + Vacations !

Just this little message to tell you that I’m (still) in Vacations and that’s why, I’ve not been posting a lot these last times ! However, I’m currently reviewing few forex products and I think that I’ll be able to come up with some fresh reviewsin about 3 weeks. Nevertheless, let me share with you 2 little (and great) effective trading tips I’ve just found on the internet !

“Understanding Fear

When a trader’s screen is pulsating red (a sign that stocks are down) and bad news comes about a certain stock or the general market, it’s not uncommon for the trader to get scared. When this happens, they may overreact and feel compelled to liquidate their holdings and go to cash or to refrain from taking any risks. Now, if they do that they may avoid certain losses – but they also will miss out on the gains.

Traders need to understand what fear is – simply a natural reaction to what they perceive as a threat (in this case perhaps to their profit or money-making potential). Quantifying the fear might help. Or that they may be able to better deal with fear by pondering what they are afraid of, and why they are afraid of it.

Also, by pondering this issue ahead of time and knowing how they may instinctively react to or perceive certain things, a trader can hope to isolate and identify those feelings during a trading session, and then try to focus on moving past the emotion. Of course this may not be easy, and may take practice, but it’s necessary to the health of an investor’s portfolio.

Greed Is Your Worst Enemy

There’s an old saying on Wall Street that “pigs get slaughtered”. These little pigs want more and more. This greed in investors causes them to hang on to winning positions too long, trying to get every last tick. This trait can be devastating to returns because the trader is always running the risk of getting whipsawed or blown out of a position.

Greed is not easy to overcome. That’s because within many of us there seems to be an instinct to always try to do better, to try to get just a little more. A trader should recognize this instinct if it is present, and develop trade plans based upon rational business decisions, not on what amounts to an emotional whim or potentially harmful instinct. ”

I’ll post some others soon !

Video Review : Forex Confidante

Here’s another little forex video review. In this short clip, I’m reviewing the Forex Confidante strategy and I trade live using it . I hope you’ll enjoy it ! Looking forward to hear from you ! Samuel !

Forex Rebellion Review

Forex Rebellion is actually the product everybody is currently talking about. Once again I’ve decided to act in order to figure out if this forex trading system is really worthwhile or if it is only a useless forex method  !

What Does It Consist In ?

To make a long story short, Forex Rebellion is a forex trading strategy which consists in :

-The main manual

-Video Tutorials

-Custom Forex Rebellion Indicators

One thing I loved is that the method is really well explained. It isn’t hard at all to understand and most of all it is fast to apply. One thing I didn’t love : there are too many videos. Some of them are useless and it seems that they are only there to justify the price you have to pay.

Nevertheless, my first impression about the product was basically good. It seems simple and I was excited to test it !

The Results I Got :

I started trading the Forex Rebellion formula with a $1000 capital and after 15 days, my account was up to $2567 which is really good you will admit ! I had 9 trades and only 3 of them weren’t profitable.

My Final Opinion :

I think Forex Rebellion is a great product : first it’s mechanical and very easy to implement and to apply, then, when you trade with this method you feel that you are getting strong signals. As a consequence, you do not doubt about how your trade is going to go, you’re pretty sure of what is going to happen and that’s very reasuring. To conclude, I advise this product to all the traders, who want to have a reliable mechanical trading system providing good signals.

Looking forward to hear from all of you !

IvyBot Robot Review

Hey There !! During the month of August, I wrote a little scam notice to my readers concerning IvyBot. However, I was still reviewing the product and couldn’t publish the final review. But today here I am, with the final review, and that’s not cute to see…

Here’s what I said In my Scam notice :

“I’m currently reviewing a new expert advisor which has been recently released
as the “new big thing” and which is the IvyBot Robot…

However, “new big thing” seems to mean “new big scam” here…

Indeed, even, if THIS cannot be considered as a final review, it can be considered
as a “notice” which will tell you “hey, would you mind staying away from this
product, until I publish the final review ??”

Okay so I’m not going to be long, as I’m going to expose the facts :

1. Take a look at the product : it is an expert advisor… Do you still think that
robots are working ?? If you do, that’s bad… Do you know a robot sold on the
internet and which is still profitable or which have been profitable for more
than 2 years ? Personally, I don’t.

2. I must admit point 1. wasn’t that fair… Anyway, let’s keep on. So, have you
seen the Sale page ? Big cars, money, the featured thing (you know : “as seen
on BBC, NBC, Forbes, Bloomberg…..), in a word, it smells like a bit of scam here…

3. Now let’s talk about the concrete stuff… I’ve been trying the robot on demo
account for 2 weeks and except one loss, the robot hasn’t opened any position.
I’ve been contacting the support and they answered me to check if the Expert
Advisor button was on, on my metatrader platform just as if I didn’t know that !

I’m keeeping on my review and I should be coming with fresh informations in 2
or 3 weeks, so please, be patient and stay away from this robot !”

Okay so here was the scam notice… I finally tried this product from August 2sd to September 1st and the results aren’t good at all… I opened a $1000 demo account and at the end of the month my balance was up to $1002, with 4 losses and 5 winners.

The only thing I can say from those results is that IvyBot is not a complete scam… Indeed, my balance isn’t down, I’ve made $2 in one month ! More seriously, the only thing I have to say is that it’s truly not a good product. You can see that by yourself.

The UltimateForexTradingMethod

After more than 2 years of work, I’m proud to introduce you to the UltimateForexTradingMethod, my own forex strategy. It has been a pretty tough work to develop and create this “never seen before” strategy but here it is !

After having reviewed all the different forex products I reviewed, it seemed to me that none of them was really clear and going to the point. Indeed, most of them were scams.

I took action, firstly because the Forex is really a passion for me and then because I needed to do something for all those beginners who don’t know where to start. However, the UltimateForexTradingMethod is not only aimed at newbies. Indeed, it explains an unseen strategy that makes tons of pips and I think both newbies and veteran want to make pips…

What I do like about the method I’ve discovered is that it really highlights strong signals, and as a consequence you don’t need to worry about the trade.

Actually the product doesn’t only consist in one method, there are actually 3 methods.

Let me tell you a bit more about that :

-At first you have a basic but extremely effective bounce off trading strategy.

-Then you have a breakout trading strategy which is pretty amazing.

-And finally, the secret one, which is the biggest discovery of my life : The UltimateForexTradingMethod !

All those strategies are coming with 5 long videos which resume, explain, and illustrate, the different methods.

Now it’s time to stop talking about all of that and let you have a look the product !

How to Make the Best use of a Demo Account in Forex ?

The point we are going to discuss here is in my opinion very important. The main thing we have to retain is that a demo account will never be a real account… Of course it seems very stupid but in reality, most people don’t make any difference between demo and live and they think their live account we’ll be exactly identical as their demo account….

A forex trading demo account is offered by almost every legitimate forex broker today. The brokers profit by automatically marketing their business to curious traders, while the traders themselves satisfy their curiosity and sometimes make up their mind about whether they should be opening a live account by spending some time trading the demos. Needless to say, the most important question that must be answered about demo trading is the extent to which it is similar to a live trading account. Do we really gain valuable experience about trading by being active in the safe and sanitized environment of the demo account? Let’s take a deeper look at this important question.

Regardless of how faulty your strategy or approach can be to trading in general, the maximum amount that you can lose or gain in demo trading is zero. Demo trading is a game, but forex trading is a highly risky activity that can have significant consequences for the financial well-being of a reckless trader. Of course, there is also the possibility that a competent trader will get rich trading currencies. In all cases, forex trading is about risk management, and since demo trading has nothing to do with risk, it can never be a reliable testing environment of your potential in the market. Demo trading is not even an approximation of live trading.

An interesting aspect of demo trading accounts is the large amount of starting capital that is made available to beginners, typically between $50-100,000. This gives a sense of false security, since the trader will probably think, if he’s unable to wipe out that much money in a short time, he can afford to learn the task by trading with real money with a misplaced sense of confidence. That is not bad for the broker, since any capital committed, and any trade initiated is a profit. But it is not good for the trader who must sooner or later come to the realization that the false confidence inspired by demo trading did not have any relationship to reality.

Demo trading is an excellent tool for understanding how forex software work, how you can develop strategies, and also for testing basic assumptions about the functioning of markets. There is no better way of learning about how to place a stop-loss/take profit order, for example, than doing so while demo trading. But demo trading is not for getting used to risk, or for understanding it. The only way of achieving that goal is trading with real money, by very small sums, probably by making use of a mini account at the same time.

Stealth Forex Trading System Review

Hello There! It’s been exactly one week since I last posted… I’m sorry about that, but today I’m coming up with a brand new review and, it’s actually a positive review!! It makes me happy to find great forex products among all the scams ! We’re actually gonna talk about the Stealth Forex Trading System which is a forex indicator… Let’s find out the truth about this amazing product! It’s Another forex trading review!

As you know forex methods and forex indicators are my favorite types of forex products !

Stealth Forex Trading System, is an indicator which works on a MT4 platform and forecasts the different moves of the market. It works on each timeframe and each currency… Even though I really like to use it on GPB/USD and on 1Hr

The thing which is amazing about this product is that it gives you an alert when you’ve got to enter the market and then it gives you another alert when you have to exit it.

For example, if you want to trade the EUR/USD pair, then you put the indicator on your chart and you just have to wait for the alert which will let you enter the market !

Another great point about this product is that the owners of it are actually trading with their indicator and they will give you a top-notch support. I mean, if you need any help, just send a message to Martin and Virginia and they’ll answer as fast as they can!

Really, I’m very happy to have found such a product… Stealth Forex Trading System is actually the best forex indicator I’ve ever reviewed among all the different forex products!

Here are the results I get:

-I started with a $1000 capital, traded with this easy forex trading system during about 15 days and made  $420! I’m really happy and I’ll let you know the results I get on a longer period.

Forex Method : Fx Scalping Method Review

Hello There ! I was in my exams period so I didn’t have a lot of time in order to post my last review… But now, I’m done ! Today, i wanted to give you the review of a forex product which  unfortunately is not that well-known in the forex business . However,  that’s one of the best product i’ve been coming across…  It’s the Fx Scalping Method Review and trust me you should read it !

I get in touch about two months ago with the owner of this method through my blog and actually, I proposed him to make a review of his method. As i’m quiet busy it took a little bit of time but now it’s done !

This method is actually breath-taking ! It’s only a 4 pages book ! And this 4 pages book is a way better than most of the 200 pages method available on the internet ! Even a monkey could understand the method ! Mark explains money management and then he gives you all that you need in order to trade the market using his system. It’s concise and more than effective !

The system can be used on every chart you want and using the 15Min Timeframe. You just have to follow Mark’s plan and you’ll never fail ! In the little book, you’re told how to enter the market, and exit it using the system. Mark created this method in order for you to make at least 10% each month and trust me, that’s more than possible !

I tested it during almost one month with a real money account and made $779 with a $2897 capital.

What i love with this method is :

-that you don’t need to spend 24 hours in front of your computer

-that it’s really easy to apply

-that it’s safe

-and last but not least, it’s making pips !

I really advise you the Fx Scalping Method ! 

Forex Trading Made E-Z Review

Hello there ! Today, I’m very happy because once again I’ve found another great method !! That’s actually a scalping method which is very powerful…  I wasn’t even knowing that such a method was existing and for the moment, that’s one of my favourite forex product. ! That’s another forex trading review : the Forex Trading Made EZ method !

I’t’s been quiet a while since I’ve been reviewing this method and i’m not gonna be long as it is a great product.

George who is the owner of this method is really a good person and will always help you if you need some help. Every week he’s sending informations concerning his method such as videos or tips

The method is amazing because it’s very simple, and you can enter your trade on the morning or in the evening and then go to work… It’s awesome because you don’t need $100,000 in order to start trading with it ! And it’s awesome because it’s making money ! Another thing which is great : George has created some videos in order for you to understand the method and trust me, that’s helpful !

I’ve been testing it for 15 days with a $1000 starting capital and I’ve made almost $500 ! What more can i say ?

By the way, here’s a feedback (from forexpeacearmy) a costumer left about this method (he tells why this is his favourite forex product) :

“1. He presents a simple to follow system which you can visually trade – Entry, Stop and Target.

2. Provides basic math calculation to precisely enter and exit market.

3. Gives videos that take traders step by step from setting up charts, doing math, and actual trade examples!!”

Once again, i don’t know what to say but try it !

Trade Safely, Samuel !

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Month’s Book : The Complete Guide To Currency Trading

Hello !  Today, i would like to talk about a book I bought in November 2007 when I discovered the currency trading market… This is the Complete Guide To Currency Trading and Investing (long title, I know). That’s actually a guy in the shop who proposed me to buy this book and here I am ! This is actually a great book and here’s what I think…

The main (bothering) issue with those kind of books is that most of the time, they’re kinda hard to read. I mean, when you’re a beginner, you don’t know all the technical stuff and it’s a bit hard to understand. But as you see, I said most of the time… Because, what I loved with Jamaine’s book is that it’s more than easy to understand it…

Indeed,  this complicated topic is broke down in such a way that it’s really easy for everybody to understand it ! Some people say that this book might have been better… Of course, it might have been better but that’s actually one of the most understandable forex book out there and if you’re beginning, that will help you so much in order to start your trading carreer !

However, the main purpose of this book is not to teach you how to trade… The goal is to make you understand how the forex market really works and I deeply think that each and every trader should know how the market works. Moreover, that’s very very interesting to discover how the currency trading market was created, how it “grew up”, and how it works today…

Now, I stop talking and i let you have a look at what other people say :

“The book is well written, easy to read, and full of information that is practical and difficult to find in any other single source.”

“Burrell’s obvious knowledge on the subject combined with strong writing skills made this book enjoyable to read and easy to understand. Whether you’re a former English major who never took a class on finance, or a former Finance major just trying to reconnect with the industry, this book is a must-have for the reference shelf of anyone interested in currency trading and investing. ”

“The book does an excellent job of explaining how the currency markets works. It has fascinating background on how the markets where formed and when.”

Forex Method : Forex Assassin Review

Hello there ! Today, let me introduce you to another forex strategy ! Once again, I always say that I really looovvvveeee forex strategies and as the months go by, I love them more and more ! In fact, I’m kinda unhopeful concerning the forex robots… I thought I found a good one and it turned to be a very nasty one lol ! Anyway, today, i’m posting the forex trading review of the Forex Assassin Method simply because after this one I’ll be posting a lot of negative reviews conerning few bad products I recently uncovered !

What Is Forex Assassin ?

I must say, that my first thought concerning this product was kinda positive only because of the fact that the sale page wasn’t  filled with luxurious car pictures, fancy houses pictures and all that kind of stuff which most of the time goes with scams !

When I downloaded the product, I loved another thing : the blueprint was kinda short ! Yes, I love when it’s short… I’m pretty tired because of those weird strategies which are explained in a 200 pages book when it could be summed up in 10 or 20 pages…

Actually, the Forex Assassin Method  is contained within a downloadable package that includes: a 50-page step-by-step guide for using the trading system, a short guide on how to start “paper-trading” (using a forex simulator), sample trading plans, and the formula in order to generate accurate predictions based on price data of a given currency pair.

My Testing And Opinion Of Forex Assassin :

What I appreciate with the strategy is that you don’t need to focus on your computer all the day long… It’s a stress free formula as you only enter a trade when all the conditions explained in the guide are met…

I also loved the fact that you can annoy the support of this method lol ! Indeed, I had some questions to ask them so I didn’t hesitate to send them few messages and each and every time they answered !

Now let’s talk about money ! With my $1000 starting capital, I made $758 in 20 days…

Of course i didn’t meet the conditions explained in the guide everyday, so I didn’t had a trade each day. But that’s the creed of forex strategies, and it works perfectly because I really traded “stress-free” !

I’m really happy to have found another great method as the Forex Assassin Strategy and I really advise you to have a look at their sale pages… At least, you’ll have the opportunity to see a forex website without 20 pictures of Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce etc…