Forex Indicator : Forex Trend System Review

As you know, the Forex Indicators are  some of my favourite forex products… Today, we’ve reviewed a forex trading system which claims to be able to generate amazing results… Read on and find the answers you need ! Here is the Forex Trend System Review !

Actually, Forex Trend System is one of the first trend indicator I bought. Once Again, when I bought it the first thing which hit me was the simplicity of the system. In fact, you just have to put the indicators on your MT4 Platform, on the GBP/USD chart, 15min Timeframe and then , wait for the indicator to become blue ( buy ) or red ( sell ).

However there is something boring in this system : If you really want to make good trades safely with this indicator you have to stay behind your computer, waiting for the indicator to become blue (buy) or red (sell) and this is really boring !
But If you have the patience and the time to monitor your trades then this is a good fx trading system for you.

So, i tested this system first on demo account and because of some good results, i decided to put it on my live account with a starting capital of $1400, on the first month, i made $2000 on pure profit, however, twoweeks after, I lost $500 because of a succession of bad trades…

Personnally, I don’t really like indicators, I prefer courses or methods which explain the exact way to trade the market and make pips. But it’s up to you… To conclude, if you really wanna buy a trend indicator, Forex Trend System is a good.

Cheers, Samuel !

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