Forex Rebellion Review

Forex Rebellion is actually the product everybody is currently talking about. Once again I’ve decided to act in order to figure out if this forex trading system is really worthwhile or if it is only a useless forex method  !

What Does It Consist In ?

To make a long story short, Forex Rebellion is a forex trading strategy which consists in :

-The main manual

-Video Tutorials

-Custom Forex Rebellion Indicators

One thing I loved is that the method is really well explained. It isn’t hard at all to understand and most of all it is fast to apply. One thing I didn’t love : there are too many videos. Some of them are useless and it seems that they are only there to justify the price you have to pay.

Nevertheless, my first impression about the product was basically good. It seems simple and I was excited to test it !

The Results I Got :

I started trading the Forex Rebellion formula with a $1000 capital and after 15 days, my account was up to $2567 which is really good you will admit ! I had 9 trades and only 3 of them weren’t profitable.

My Final Opinion :

I think Forex Rebellion is a great product : first it’s mechanical and very easy to implement and to apply, then, when you trade with this method you feel that you are getting strong signals. As a consequence, you do not doubt about how your trade is going to go, you’re pretty sure of what is going to happen and that’s very reasuring. To conclude, I advise this product to all the traders, who want to have a reliable mechanical trading system providing good signals.

Looking forward to hear from all of you !

IvyBot Robot Review

Hey There !! During the month of August, I wrote a little scam notice to my readers concerning IvyBot. However, I was still reviewing the product and couldn’t publish the final review. But today here I am, with the final review, and that’s not cute to see…

Here’s what I said In my Scam notice :

“I’m currently reviewing a new expert advisor which has been recently released
as the “new big thing” and which is the IvyBot Robot…

However, “new big thing” seems to mean “new big scam” here…

Indeed, even, if THIS cannot be considered as a final review, it can be considered
as a “notice” which will tell you “hey, would you mind staying away from this
product, until I publish the final review ??”

Okay so I’m not going to be long, as I’m going to expose the facts :

1. Take a look at the product : it is an expert advisor… Do you still think that
robots are working ?? If you do, that’s bad… Do you know a robot sold on the
internet and which is still profitable or which have been profitable for more
than 2 years ? Personally, I don’t.

2. I must admit point 1. wasn’t that fair… Anyway, let’s keep on. So, have you
seen the Sale page ? Big cars, money, the featured thing (you know : “as seen
on BBC, NBC, Forbes, Bloomberg…..), in a word, it smells like a bit of scam here…

3. Now let’s talk about the concrete stuff… I’ve been trying the robot on demo
account for 2 weeks and except one loss, the robot hasn’t opened any position.
I’ve been contacting the support and they answered me to check if the Expert
Advisor button was on, on my metatrader platform just as if I didn’t know that !

I’m keeeping on my review and I should be coming with fresh informations in 2
or 3 weeks, so please, be patient and stay away from this robot !”

Okay so here was the scam notice… I finally tried this product from August 2sd to September 1st and the results aren’t good at all… I opened a $1000 demo account and at the end of the month my balance was up to $1002, with 4 losses and 5 winners.

The only thing I can say from those results is that IvyBot is not a complete scam… Indeed, my balance isn’t down, I’ve made $2 in one month ! More seriously, the only thing I have to say is that it’s truly not a good product. You can see that by yourself.