Forex Robot : Forex Derivative 2.0 Review

Hi There !! I’ve been kinda busy those last times with my French exams but today I’m coming with a new review !

Indeed, we’re going to talk about the Forex Derivative Robot which is another big scam ! As you might guess, I’m not gonna be long ! Anyway here’s my review so enjoy lol !

So what is exactly Forex Derivative ? This is an expert advisor that (in theory) you just have to put on your metatrader platform and then wait for the profits… But once again that’s not true !  This product is actually another robot scam and it will only make you lose money !

Actually there’s not a lot left to say about this crap product… So here’s some comments taken from few forex forums :

-”I bought this EA and put it on 4 $5,000.00 demo (thank God) accounts with 4 separate brokers. In one week 2 accounts were down to about $3,500.00 and the other 2 hovered around $4,000.00! “

-”This software contains optimized settings (optimized parameters are embedded into the code) to give great results in backtests. But it does perform poorly in real forward tests and for real trading accounts.”

Personally i’ve tested Forex Derivative on a $1000 demo account and about three weeks latter, the account had lost $311 and was up to $689... Isn’t that such a great forex robot ?

The only thing I can tell you now is : “Stay away !!

Hope it’ll help !!

Trade Safely.

Cheers, Samuel.

PS : I’ll be coming soon with a brand new forex video review !!

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