Forex Robot : Forex Maestro Review

Hello !! Okay, it’s been a little while since I’ve written my last article… That’s because of my studies !! Anyway, now, let me introduce you to one of the biggest forex scam ever !! When I discovered the truth about this fake forex product, It completely amazed me !! Find out now why Forex Maestro Robot is a scam ! It’s the Forex Maestro Robot Review !

Okay, so i decided to try this forex robot once again because a lot of people were talking about it and most of all because I was seeing a lot of reviews on the internet which seemed to be biased… So what I did is that I paid $197 in order to get this “thing”…

And in fact, it’s the forex robot scam of the century ! Let me tell you the truth right now, the guy who’s selling this damn stuff just took an old 2004 and free forex expert advisor and sold it for this damn $97 price ! What does that mean ? It means that it’s a horrible scam because you can get this expert advisor for free : it is Firebird and last but not least, it’s very harmful because the robot is not updated to the current market conditions…

I put it on a demo account during on month… The first 3 weeks, it was working kinda great… Then the nightmare began, my account went from $1789 to $467 !! Isn’t this a great robot ? What did I do ? I asked for a refund !!!

Fx Trading System : Forex Profit Farm Review

Hello ! Today, I’m happy to post this little review… In fact that’s a forex method and I really like this kind of product !! You should read this fx trading system review because that’s actually a good product !

Here is the Forex Profit Farm Review !

Okay, so here’s a brand new forex product that everybody’s actually starting to talk about. Once again, this is a forex service which is providing a simple forex strategy, a forex method you must follow if you want to succeed.

The product goes with a little ebook and videos in order to completely explain the method provided.

Everything’s explained…From money management to how to exit the trades you’ve entered.

I’ve tested the method for about 3 weeks and i get very decent results. With a $1200 starting capital and by trading safely i’m now up to $1702. Of course it was on a demo account but I’m now gonna start to trade with the method on my live account.

What I really liked with this fx trading system is that the author takes you point to point without missing any topic… You don’t need to be an expert trader if you want to trade this strategy. Indeed, the author is trying to do his best in order for you to understand everything and I must say that he does great.

He completely explains the currency trading basics in his forex ebook and the forex trading system he provides is really working…

Concerning a forex beginner I would say that if you trade seriously with this method during 3 weeks or one month on demo account, then you’ll be ready to open a real account and trade live.

To conclude, that’s a reliable product that you can try without doubting, that’s not a scam !