Forex Signals : Forex Automoney Review

Hello Everybody ! As you know, i’m posting on this blog the very best of forex and the very bad… And when it’s bad trust me, it’s BAD… I think that I‘ve actually find the forex Scam of the CENTURY ! Check out our review or you might have some bad surprises with this forex trading signal service… This is the Forex Automoney Review !

Sometime when I’ve been lucky or when something great happened in my life, I like to thank God for what he did… Today, i’m not thanking him, I’m blessing him ! Why ? Because I’ve used the Forex Automoney on demo account and not on live account !

Indeed, this is the one of the most dangerous product I’ve ever tried ! 

As you can see, forex automoney is offering an amazing sale page, there’s a virtual sexy woman who’s talking to you, they show you their unbelievable results and… because you haven’t ridden my review, you buy the product and blow your forex account ! Fortunately, this is not gonna happen…

I decided to review this product exactly 21 days ago because it was one of the most successful product on clickbank.               I never ever thought that this could be such a scam.

Now, let me explain… As I said earlier, their webpage is amazing… They are promising you that you’re gonna become one of the richest guy in town… They tell you that they will send you very profitable forex signals with a high TP and blablablablablabla.

Now reality ! I’ve followed their forex signals during one month and what did I get  ? I hit the $0 bottom !!! Thanks to Forex Automoney, that’s one of the first time that i’ve completely ruined a demo account…

About their forex signals, I don’t know if they select them with a kind of lottery but it seems to me that it is someone that has never traded the forex before who created this website. The forex signals they send are pure crap ! The TP is a 7 pips take profit and even with such a low TP, you lose your money !!

Moreover, it seems that a lot of people had  problems trying to cancel their membership so there’s a group of angry people which is growing around and it seems that the website should close soon…

My advice ? STAY AWAY from Forex Automoney !

Have a good day and trade safely !