Forex Trading Machine Review

Hello there !! Today, i’m posting the review of one of the first forex method i’ve used… It’s the Forex Trading Machine… Actually it’s not only one method but 3 methods in one product. It’s one of the oldest product out there and it’s still “alive” simply because it’s a great forex product… You should read the unbiased review of  this great product now !

I purchased this forex product around september 2007 and started to apply the different methods… Now, you should be asking yourseld :” What’s exactly this product ?” Let me answer !

It’s a kind of package where you can find 3 powerful methods in order to make a lot of pips. Here are the name of the different methods :

-Forex Cash Cow Strategy

-Forex Runner

-Forex Flip And Go

Actually, you can decide to use each and every methods but i think that you’ll find your favorite one… For me, the Forex Cash Cow is the better one because it explains a great money management plan. In fact, it’s the method which has the better Take profit and stop loss… And as you know it’s your money management plan which will define your success or your death !

I may be a bad reviewer but i decided to use only one method out of 3 because i’ve only been trading with that one and i must say that i’ve been trading during a pretty long time with it…

What i love with the forex cash cow strategy is that the method is really easy to apply. Actually it’s one of the easiest method out there ! You don’t have to think, you don’t need no judgement ! You just have to take a look at some charts and then decide to open some trades following the course (of course !!);

In order to make a test, i’ve been trading the method during 3 weeks  and here are the results :

-Starting Capital : $1500,

3 weeks latter : $2133

I can say that it’s such a great method ! Moreover there’s a great thing concerning this product… In fact, the owner of the website frequently provides other forex methods and systems to his clients for free ! And trust me that’s great !!