Fx Trading System : Forex Confidante Review (Top Notch Product)

I’ve already created a video review of Thomas Strigano’s Forex Confidante (watch it here) – but today I just wanted to make a summary of it and publish a written review of the product…so keep reading!

What Is Forex Confidante ?

Okay, so Forex Confidante is a well know product that I’ve been reviewing for a little while. Actually, forex confidante is a forex trading ebook that teaches some “secret” methods.

As you know, forex trading methods and systems are the products that I prefer, but I’m going to be as objective as I can!!

This product consists of a book and videos created by Thomas Strigano who was a chief trader in New York for 20 years. This guy is an amazing human being… I had a long phone call with him and he’s one of the kindest people I’ve known on the internet. What’s more, the methods in his forex ebook are really, really effective and moreover they explain the currency trading basics.

My Testing And Opinion Of Forex Confidante :

Here’s what happened: at first glance, I thought that these methods were going to be hard to apply because they seemed a little difficult… However the book is so well written and so motivating that the only thing you want to do is try the system on a demo account without waiting !

And that’s actually what I did… I read the book twice, I took some notes, and I tried the system! And that’s great! On my first 20 days, with a $1,000 starting capital, I made $830 in profit, by applying the methods only in the mornings.

What is also great about this system is that the author is also giving you money management tips and psychological tipswhich are motivating and realistic that you must follow.

If you’re a forex beginner, you NEED Forex Confidante! If you work using the information in this ebook, you’ll get the most amazing results you’ve ever seen ! This is a must have forex product… If you need one ebook, get this one… And even if you need 45 ebooks grab this one, this is the best out there !

To conclude my review, Forex Confidante is a great forex system that you can order with confidence !

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Cheers, Samuel !

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