Her – Review

Skepticism, judgmental, disbelief…just some of the emotions I felt leading up to the screening of this film. Emotions that were immediately irradiated the moment this piece of cinematic joy entered its first act.

Written and directed by Spike Jonze, the visionary behind Being John Malkovic and Where The Wild Things Are, and starring three time Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix, Her will change your entire perception of love.

Set in the Los Angeles of the near future, and reeling from the pain caused by the breakdown of his marriage, Theodore (Phoenix) is a broken man who’s given up on love. That is until love presents itself from arguably the most unlikely and somewhat unconventional of places…his computer (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

Can an Artificial Intelligence truly be capable of love, and can humans really develop connections with our technological creations?

Her explores the deeper connections that makes love possible and questions what it truly means to be �?human’, to feel, love, and care for one another, regardless of what we are now, everything started off the same way.

Spike Jonze has created a timeless romantic masterpiece that really can stand the test of time and fills us all with a sense of hope for the future!