How To Build A Funded Proposal

All productive relationships are built on trust between two people and doing business is no different. Generally, for a sale to take place there has to be a relationship of trust between the purchaser and the supplier. In the world of big business and multinational companies the relationship may be between a brand name and the person buying, as in “I always buy a Mercedes because they never break down”!

When you are buying face to face or from a recognised brand it is easy to make a “trust” judgement and commit to the purchase. One of the challenges of the online world however, is that there have been some very dodgy people who have effectively “scammed” their customers and this has lead to prospective purchasers being very guarded in their decisions. The world of Internet Marketing certainly has some credibility issues!

A Funded Proposal is in part a way of dealing with this and starting to build a relationship with your customer base. By initially offering a high value but low cost product, you capture the customer’s contact information (usually their e-mail) and now have permission to market to them on an ongoing basis. This now becomes an automated drip feed of increasingly more expensive goods or services until some will buy your headline product.

In “How To Build A Funded Proposal”, matt lloyd takes you through the exact system he has used to take his business from $700 a month to over $300,000 a month in just over a year and a half! Everything is laid out in a clear and progressive way with nothing hidden or left for doubt.

Setting up a funded proposal is an essential skill for anyone serious about building a sustainable business online. Watch Matt’s free online training webinar to see exactly how it should be done!