Is Crisis Gonna Affect You ?

Currently, “Crisis” is one of the most used word in the world… But is the crisis going to affect Forex Traders ?  Find out the answers right now, read on !

Okay, so here just few words about the crisis…

These last times I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the crisis and how much they were worried for their forex “business”… So let me tell you something : the crisis does not involve or even touches forex traders !

No matter if the trends go up or down ! We’re not working on the long term ! All of the products we propose on this website are explaining short term trading methods meaning that you don’t have to worry about the crisis

And that’s amazing ! In fact, the forex market is one of the last market available where you can make a lot of money with a good trading plan and a good money management method that every products we post on our blog will give you…

Trading the stock market is a way much risky… Because most of the big firms out there are suffering from the crisis…

So this little message to tell you that crisis time is not a bad moment to trade the forex !

Be confident, have a great money management and follow our advices, then everything will be perfect !!

Fx Trading Software : Forex Killer Review

Let me tell you right now before starting, I can’t wait ! Forex killer is the biggest scam of the entire internet ! We Finally find out the truth ! Here is the Forex Killer Review.

Forex Killer is a fx trading software which generate signals. So in theory, you just have to pick out the 10 last prices of any charts you want, feed the software with these informations and then you’ve got a perfect signal (sell or buy) with a stop loss and a take profit plus the signal probability. Then you place your order and in theory, you make a big profit !

Isn’t it Fabulous ?
Okay now reality ! So Forex Killer is one of the first trading system I bought. You know, I was really excited about it, because of reading the positive reviews everywhere on the internet. So i tried the Forex Killer on a demo account, with $2000, and the first two weeks i get plenty of good trades, I was watching my account growing and growing until the (demo) nightmare starts!
At the end of the first month, I started to get bad trades and I lost 75% of my demo account ! All the signals were wrong !
So i decided to stop my forex killer reviewing !

But one month after this deception, I decided to let another chance to the forex killer  trading software because a lot of people seemed to make money with it ! So I tried it again on a demo account…

I first get some good trades and then exactly like the last time, I started to get only bad trades, all the signals were wrong again ! That is because of its instability and because I think that this system is unpredictable and kinda risky that I don’t advise you the Forex KillerIt’s a bad fx trading software !

I could do like all the other people on the internet and tell you that this is a great product and then take a wonderful commission on your wasted money ! But i don’t !