Let’s Make Things Clear !

Today, I wanted to make things clear with you… Indeed I’m not hiding the fact that when I propose  a great forex product I put my affiliate link in the post… As you can see, when I post a positive review of a forex product I put my own link. Even though, when a product is crap I don’t even put a link… So what does this link mean ? It simply means that each time a fellow reader decides to purchase a forex product that I advised, by doing so through my link he’ll make me receive 50% of the amount he would have paid… And I don’t hide this point !

So why do i do that ?  I’m doing that because first, each time I review a product, I have to pay to get access to it an it costs me around $100 each time... Then, i’m spending a lot of time in order to review a product : between 3 and 4 weeks. Then, I’ve got to pay for hosting the website, I’ve got to pay for an autoresponder etc… Moreover, I’m 16 i’m a student and getting a little bit of money from this can only help… Now I’m not telling you that I’m a Millionaire, I’m really far away from that. To be honnest the website is costing a lot more than what I earn from it… Without my own forex trading, I wouldn’t be able to keep it updated and I should close it  (thanks god for keeping me away from such a disaster lol).

So just this little post to let you know how all this stuff works and also to let you know that your support is appreciated ! So each time you project to buy a new forex product and if this product is advised then you can help us by doing that through our links !

Looking forward to hear from you guys !

Video Review: LMT Forex Formula

Hello!! Today, is a big day! I’ve just made my first video review– in this video, I will show you the inside of the new Dean Saunders’ product, and let you watch me trade live with the LMT Forex Formula!

Just watch the video below and leave your comments! This is one of the hottest forex products of the year! Enjoy!

Here’s a picture of the demo account I traded with while using the LMT Forex Formula :

If you want to read the written review, then just click here for my full LMT Forex Formula review.

PS: If you want to support the UltimateForexReview Blog and help me keep providing unbiased reviews, then purchase this product through the link right above. Your help is appreciated, as you’ll make this blog survive!