Matt Lloyd’s “my online business empire” license rights program is definitely something that anyone looking to make money online should take a look at.

Matt devised this program as a viable alternative to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is no longer the business it was and it has become a very difficult for a beginner to make any real money in it. The M.O.B.E. license rights program is a much easier system to work with an doffers a great starting point for anyone hoping to become independently wealthy.

So, how does it work? With this program, you will become a fully licensed partner of Matt’s proven business model that does over $260,000 per month in sales. In real times this is very similar to buying into an offline franchise – all the hard work has been done for you and, so long as you follow the system, you will get results! With the license you have the right to sell Matt’s products by driving qualified traffic to your partner links. From there on his own staff take over the follow-up and upsell process and they are VERY good at what they do!

As your efforts build you may soon find yourself on track towards earning an income that would be far greater than any of the commissions available through traditional affiliate marketing programs. Having worked as an affiliate marketer for several years I can vouch for the fact that M.O.B.E is a far superior approach that will allow even a total newbie to start earning an online income.

And here’s the reason. When you act as an affiliate you get to keep only a small percentage of the purchase price, your commission for gaining the sale. With the M.O.B.E program you keep up to 90% of the initial purchase price and up to 50% of any upsell products that the customer later buys!

All Matt’s products are cutting edge information and online marketing products and are great practical tools in their own right. Among the products you would be selling would be the My Email Marketing Empire, How to Build a Funded Proposal, Affiliate Bonus Domination, and the 10,000 Leads in 100 Days. However, the real strength of the system is the full time sales team that Matt employs to follow up with your leads and close them on your behalf! The closing rates of this team is way above the industry average and this is definitely “the difference that makes the difference”!

Because you are not required to create your own product; or design and set up landing pages or websites; or have to build a list or organise webinars;  etc, etc, you are able to start earning money very quickly. All you have to do is send traffic to Matt’s links and the “system” takes care of the rest

The “My Online Business Empire” licensing model is a very novel concept and many of Matt’s licensees have achieved great success – including many who have “failed” to make money using other online programs. Those interested in trying out an alternative to affiliate marketing might consider this venture to be worth the investment.

You can find more information on matt lloyd’s My Online Business Empire License Rights Program by reading Matt’s IM Revolution E-book. Simply complete the web inquiry form on the right to gain access to your free copy.

If you think that Matt Lloyd’s M.O.B.E. program may be something you would be interested in I would be very happy to help you build your business. I have extensive online marketing experience and can support and help you as we build your own online business empire! Simply contact me directly by e-mail steve@internetwealthreviews.com