My Email Marketing Empire

“The Money Is In The List”

You’ve probably heard that quote before! If you haven’t you really need to internalise that simple saying right now. Without a doubt your email list is your number one asset! This is how money is made online and, if you are not building a list, and then building trust with that list, you will be struggling to make money online.

There are four major reasons why building your own list is so important.

1) When someone joins your list it is a huge sign of trust. Everybody already gets too much email, so the fact that they are allowing you to add to their inbox is a huge commitment.

2) People won’t check your website every day but most will check their email every five minutes!

3) It’s easy to ignore a status update or blog post but it’s hard t ignore a new inbox item.

4) And this is the key: It’s what “the Gurus” actually do to make money! The people who make real money online use email marketing. Every time they have a new “product launch” they go straight to their list and Ka Ching! They are the ones actually making a lot of money online so don’t try to reinvent the wheel. And you know what? Every one of them would trade Twitter, Facebook, their blog and any other online asset to keep their email list. They make money off their email list.

Social networking, blogging and all the other tools out there serve their purpose and can help grow your community, but your email list is, by far, your most important asset. Above all else, focus on growing your email list.

My Email Marketing Empire is matt lloyd‘s 8 module video course on doing e-mail marketing the right way. When it is done correctly, email marketing will help you extract most of the juice out of your list. In this program, he teaches you his super-successful and proven methods for writing money-getting emails.

Even if you’ve never done any email marketing before, and don’t know to set up an email autoresponder (or how to use one), don’t worry. This course will show you the entire process from start to profitable finish!