Forex Robot : Forex Boomerang Review

Hello Everybody ! Today, i’ve got a question for you : What would you think about a Forex Robot which promises to turn “10K Into $453,258.28″ in one year ? Ahahahaha ! Big joke, isn’t it ? Even though, i’m not joking there’s really some people who trust those stupid scammers… Last time I told you that I was going to come back with some big trash and here we are, this is the Forex Boomerang Review ! Enjoy !

I haven’t seen such a sale page since a very long time !  A sort of “future” design, very amusing… But the most amusing is coming now ! Indeed, you’re told that if you buy this magic forex expert advisor, you’ll turn $500 in $307.000 in only one year ! Isn’t it beautiful ? “Man lives by hope” you’ll tell me  but if you trust those results i guess you have some serious problems… I don’t even know if I have to warn you  about this product… I guess that every sound person wouldn’t doubt about the nature of this product ! However you won’t say that this is not a beautiful sale page !

Now let’s have some fun by talking about the product itself… As you understood, this is a forex robot… And what a forex robot ! No, this time, it’s not gonna be long… That’s another forex scam of the century !

I put it on demo account one month ago with a $1000 starting capital and after some good results, I lost %68 of my account… How my god, you seem surprised ?

Here’s some feedbacks of the product :

I’ve had this EA for about 3 months, and it is a consistent loser. I tried to get my money back, but the emails are silent. I received a phone call asking me if I’m serious about making money from Stellar Forex. Beware they will not refund you, simply try to sell some training starting at 10K USD. I was stupid and only took a preliminary course at 2.5K USD. This was a very beginner course, which I told them I wasn’t and I followed their rules and lost another 10K, for which they take no responsibilities.


“I tested this, and then did a visualised back test. I found that it makes profits about 30% of the time (not 70%) as advertised, it does not hide the stop losses so brokers who hedge can see where they can make money out of you, and each profit is only a little bigger than each loss.
Overall I gave it a rank of just above terrible, I would not recommend buying this piece of software junk to anyone.”


Trade safely, Samuel !

How To Find Great Forex Products ?

Dear Reader ! Today, I just wanted to post an article I sent a while ago on ezine and which explains in an easy way how you can avoid buying forex scams on the internet and how you can make the good choices… Just have a little look, maybe it will help you ! 

“Before the invention of internet, the Forex Market was the private domain for banks, hedge funds,and rich private investors. However, since the internet appeared the forex has become one of the easier market to trade. Indeed, accessing the forex is so easy that even a 7 years old boy could do it.

Opening an account is one of the most easiest thing that can be done on the internet… And that’s maybe because of that simplicity that the Forex Market is the cause of money losses for a lot of people. This market, is in fact one of the most volatile to trade. A lot of money can be made but a lot of money can be lost…

As a beginner the forex market can look like a very attractive thing and a very simple thing. Nevertheless, trading the Forex can be something very risky. I have heard tons of stories about beginners that lost all their money because they didn’t learn to trade the forex market as it should be done.

In this case, the invention of the Internet, have had two big consequences: it has allowed a lot of people to make money as well as it has made a lot of people  lose money.

Nowadays, you can find on the internet plenty of trading methods, trading indicators, expert advisors, trading software and by the way plenty of SCAMS. And that’s the big danger of the internet… Why? Because the costumer is alone in an ocean of products which can be as powerful as they can be poor.

In order to buy forex services or forex products safely, you need to rely on all the reviews available on the net. And now the problem which is coming is that most of those reviews are scams…again! Why are they scams ? Because some stupid people publish them in order to make money through affiliates links... Those people are mean and they don’t care about your success in the forex market. The only thing they care about is the amount of money they will make by scamming you.

So, what’s the purpose of this article ? The purpose is to make you realize that honest people actually exist between all the “forex crap” of the internet… But who are they ? They are the owners of websites that are publishing independent and honest reviews lol.

Have a good day and don’t forget to trade safely!

Forex Method : Forex Candlesticks Made Easy Review

Hello there !! Today, I’m coming with the forex trading review of another forex method ! It’s is a trading system that was developed by Chris Lee which uses 4 candlesticks techniques that give you exact entry and exit points. And it’s kinda great…  Let’s now read the Forex Candlesticks Made Easy Review !

Honestly, I didn’t hear about this method before a friend just told me that it was working kinda great (thank you Marc lol)… The first thing I loved was the sale page, not filled with cars or private jet pictures… And the other thing I loved was the product itself !

It’s a PDF which explains the forex trading basics and the 4 candlesticks techniques… It’s well-written and not too long so you won’t be bored !  The thing with this product is that it can be applied in others market than the Forex... I mean, it’s a candlestick method so you can use it on every charts of your forex platform but you can also use it for trading stocks or whatever ! Some people will say : “I don’t like it, it’s not precise enough…”. Maybe but the fact is that it’s working. And what is really great is that you only need 30 minutes each day in order to implement the method !

With a $1000 starting capital I made $543 in 24 days

To conclude, i would advise this method to everybody but more specifically to people who are begining their trading “career”. In fact, even if the methods are working well, it’s more of an education than a system… But it stays a great and serious product !

“It helped me understand the big picture of trading a little more clearly”
Portion of actual user review on

“It opened my eyes as to how much information is on candlestick patterns”
Portion of actual user review on

Trade Safely and Smile ! Samuel !

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Let’s Make Things Clear !

Today, I wanted to make things clear with you… Indeed I’m not hiding the fact that when I propose  a great forex product I put my affiliate link in the post… As you can see, when I post a positive review of a forex product I put my own link. Even though, when a product is crap I don’t even put a link… So what does this link mean ? It simply means that each time a fellow reader decides to purchase a forex product that I advised, by doing so through my link he’ll make me receive 50% of the amount he would have paid… And I don’t hide this point !

So why do i do that ?  I’m doing that because first, each time I review a product, I have to pay to get access to it an it costs me around $100 each time... Then, i’m spending a lot of time in order to review a product : between 3 and 4 weeks. Then, I’ve got to pay for hosting the website, I’ve got to pay for an autoresponder etc… Moreover, I’m 16 i’m a student and getting a little bit of money from this can only help… Now I’m not telling you that I’m a Millionaire, I’m really far away from that. To be honnest the website is costing a lot more than what I earn from it… Without my own forex trading, I wouldn’t be able to keep it updated and I should close it  (thanks god for keeping me away from such a disaster lol).

So just this little post to let you know how all this stuff works and also to let you know that your support is appreciated ! So each time you project to buy a new forex product and if this product is advised then you can help us by doing that through our links !

Looking forward to hear from you guys !

Video Review: LMT Forex Formula

Hello!! Today, is a big day! I’ve just made my first video review– in this video, I will show you the inside of the new Dean Saunders’ product, and let you watch me trade live with the LMT Forex Formula!

Just watch the video below and leave your comments! This is one of the hottest forex products of the year! Enjoy!

Here’s a picture of the demo account I traded with while using the LMT Forex Formula :

If you want to read the written review, then just click here for my full LMT Forex Formula review.

PS: If you want to support the UltimateForexReview Blog and help me keep providing unbiased reviews, then purchase this product through the link right above. Your help is appreciated, as you’ll make this blog survive!


Forex Robot : Forex Autopilot System Review (F.A.P.S)

Forex Autopilot System (F.A.P.S) is a best seller forex robot which is available since 2008… Everybody’s actually arguing about it, saying : “it’s a scam” while the others answer “it’s absolutely not” ! So i decided to give it a chance and “Voilà”. Check out the results right now !! This is the Forex Autopilot System (FAPS) review !

At first, i would like to thank you all for reading my articles !  Today, we are gonna talk about a well known  fx trading software which is the Forex Autopilot System Expert Advisor. As you know, once again, the forex robots are not my favorite forex trading products. However more and more EA are being available on the internet, and I have to try them !

So what is FAPS ? FAPS, is a forex robot which include around 8 different EAs ! It’s been a long time that I’ve been seeing a lot of advertising for this EA, so i decided to act… What I did to try them is that i backtested them… And it was kinda weird… Indeed, only two EAs out of the 8 others are very profitable. The others are making very little profit and some of them are even making losses…

That’s the first time I see this kind of Expert advisor package and that’s the first time that I see, expert advisors performing so well and others performing so bad…

So after i tested them all, I selected one EA out of the others and it is “ProfessionalTradeSystem”. And this one is really profitable…

I put it on demo account during 26 days with a $1200 starting capital and i ended up with a $800 benefit which is kinda great for an Expert Advisor. (0,50 lot).

Just to recap, Forex autopilot System, F.A.P.S, is a kinda good fx trading robot . Even though it’s bothering to have to try each expert advisor to find out that some are not working. I would like somebody to test the product and tell me if he gets the same strange results that I get… Anyway, if someone has tested the product, don’t hesitate to send me an email or a comment…

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And you know what ? There’s no extra cost, you get all this stuff for free and you’ll help us survive if you simply buy through the link right above. The only thing you’ll have to do is claim your bonuses here when you’ll have ordered !

That’s Amazing…

Today, i’m a little bit going crazy… I receive some mails of people telling me that i’m posting unbelievable results for each product i review… That’s insane to tell such things ! I spend a lot of time buying, reviewing and posting comments about forex product and if i get those results it’s because I exactly apply the methods I buy…

…and let me remind you that I only post the very best (Forex Confidante) or the very poor (Forex Killer). That’s why the results posted are good, because most of the method published on the blog are good too… I completely understand that some people can remain septical, you can email me and it will be a pleasure for me to asnwer (There’s a “Contact Me” page).

I feel much better now ! Sorry for this little lose of temper but I really like doing what I do even if it takes time, so that’s the moment to tell you not to hesitate, send me a message or post a comment if you need anything!

Let’s Talk About Scams Part 2

After my little article about scams, I felt like writing another one but a preciser one… Because of course aside from my powerful reviews (laughing!!!), how can you avoid forex scams all over the internet ? Read on now and Discover my 5 quick tips on how to avoid the mean Forex Scams !

As you know, forex scams are a real pain and are the reason why so much people are failing and lose their money.
There is plenty of Forex gurus on the internet, willing for only one thing : make money by selling bad services.
The purpose of this article is give you some tips on how to avoid those scams, and find great forex methods which will be profitable.

Actually you don’t have many possibilities but being cautious on this market is the most important thing.

-At first, what you must avoid is buying forex stuff on Ebay. Even if Ebay is a great place to find good deals, in the Forex domain, that’s not the answer… In fact, the main part of Forex Sellers on Ebay are selling Expert Advisors which we don’t know where they come from. Indeed, almost everyone is able to make a copy of an existing Expert advisor and then sell it… And this is very harmful for you because those products can make your Forex account hit the $0 bottom line in a short while.

-Always, buy always buy courses, methods, indicators, expert advisors, whatever only if on the sale page you can see some proofs of profitability… Everyone is able, to wake up one morning and say “Oh why don’t i create my own forex method”, and then make money by selling crap.

-When a new forex product has just been launched, please wait a while and see what the others people are saying… You don’t have to rush on the product and then have a bad surprize because you wanted to act fast. Honest people do exist and they will soon publish reviews, or feedbacks of the product that you want to buy.

-Always, but always, check out what others people are saying about the product you want to buy. Once again you don’t have to rush. Consult forums, websites, articles where “real” people are giving their thoughts about the service… If you can’t find anything, just post a question on a forum or somewhere on the internet and trust me someone will answer

-Take care about the reviews you can find on the internet… Some people are posting one or two reviews on their website because their goal is actually to make money even if what they sell is a poor quality product. Only rely on websites where you can see comments of people about the author of the review, or websites which propose a large number of different reviews.

Take Care and trade Safely !

Forex Signals : Forex Automoney Review

Hello Everybody ! As you know, i’m posting on this blog the very best of forex and the very bad… And when it’s bad trust me, it’s BAD… I think that I‘ve actually find the forex Scam of the CENTURY ! Check out our review or you might have some bad surprises with this forex trading signal service… This is the Forex Automoney Review !

Sometime when I’ve been lucky or when something great happened in my life, I like to thank God for what he did… Today, i’m not thanking him, I’m blessing him ! Why ? Because I’ve used the Forex Automoney on demo account and not on live account !

Indeed, this is the one of the most dangerous product I’ve ever tried ! 

As you can see, forex automoney is offering an amazing sale page, there’s a virtual sexy woman who’s talking to you, they show you their unbelievable results and… because you haven’t ridden my review, you buy the product and blow your forex account ! Fortunately, this is not gonna happen…

I decided to review this product exactly 21 days ago because it was one of the most successful product on clickbank.               I never ever thought that this could be such a scam.

Now, let me explain… As I said earlier, their webpage is amazing… They are promising you that you’re gonna become one of the richest guy in town… They tell you that they will send you very profitable forex signals with a high TP and blablablablablabla.

Now reality ! I’ve followed their forex signals during one month and what did I get  ? I hit the $0 bottom !!! Thanks to Forex Automoney, that’s one of the first time that i’ve completely ruined a demo account…

About their forex signals, I don’t know if they select them with a kind of lottery but it seems to me that it is someone that has never traded the forex before who created this website. The forex signals they send are pure crap ! The TP is a 7 pips take profit and even with such a low TP, you lose your money !!

Moreover, it seems that a lot of people had  problems trying to cancel their membership so there’s a group of angry people which is growing around and it seems that the website should close soon…

My advice ? STAY AWAY from Forex Automoney !

Have a good day and trade safely !


ActivTrades Forex Broker Review

Hello ! Today, we’re gonna talk about a question that every trader asks himself at least once in his life… What Forex Broker can I choose ?? I know that’s a very difficult question to answer… But we’ve done it ! Check out who’s the best Forex Broker !

Actually, as said above, every traders ask themselves this kind of question… And finding a great forex broker on the internet is a real challenge !! Here are my criterias to find the best currency trading account :

-MT4 Platform, Fast Execution, Great support talking almost every language, cheap prices, security, possibility to withdraw the funds fastly…

And i’ve found the perfect foreign exchange broker !!Indeed, I’m with Activtrades since January 2007 and they are great !! Their support is amazing, everytime I needed someone to talk in french, they were there. The platform (MT4) is working fast and you can withdraw your funds in an amazing short while  !!

They are cheap, in fact, theirs spread are the following :

EURUSD Euro vs US Dollar 2 pips
USDJPY US Dollar vs Japanese Yen 2 pips
EURCHF Euro vs Swiss Franc 3 pips
EURGBP Euro vs British Pound 3 pips
EURJPY Euro vs Japanese Yen 3 pips
GBPUSD British Pound vs US Dollar 3 pips
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar 3 pips
USDCHF US Dollar vs Swiss Franc 3 pips
AUDUSD Australian Dollar vs US Dollar 4 pips
CHFJPY Swiss Franc vs Japanese Yen 4 pips
USDCAD US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar 4 pips
AUDCHF Australian Dollar vs Swiss Franc 6 pips
AUDEUR Australian Dollar vs Euro 6 pips
NZDJPY New Zealand Dollar vs Japanese Yen 6 pips

You can find the others spread on this webpage :

Moreover, if for any reason, you need to stop trading during a few weeks or month, they won’t close your account even if there’s no money on it !!

They are really awesome, so if you’re looking for a good forex borker, let me say that ActivTrades is great !

Trading Psychology : 4 Quick Tips On How To Trade Safely

Dear Readers ! Today, here’s a little article i wrote this morning about how to trade safely (big challenge). I’ve written those advices by thinking of all the mistakes i’ve done when i was starting trading the forex… I was like becoming irritated, nervous and angry ! So if you want to keep your wife by not being stressed out like an insane person, please read my 4 Tips On How To Trade Safely !

As a trader, i can tell you that forex trading can be one of the most stressful thing ! When i first started trading on the currency market i had some of my biggest frights ! And as “regular forex” blogger, i must advise the beginners on how to avoid stress and give them tips about trading psychology.

-The first point is being prepared. Indeed,you must be prepared to win money as you must be prepared to lose money. When i started, i wasn’t prepared for both of those things. I completely lost the value of money ! The amount i was seeing appeared only like points for me : $500 was only 500 points and earning 500 point appeared not be enough for me… That’s one of the biggest danger and i experienced it… What you have to do is remember the real value of money. Besides, you need to be prepared to lose money because you will lose money ! You can’t win without losing… Be prepared to see beautiful amounts of money disappear and don’t overreact ! You lose this time, you’ll win next time.

-Before starting any trading session, you need to relax, grab a cup of coffee and stop thinking about what you’re going to do… Why ? Because the forex market as the power to “overcome” you… I mean that you don’t have to think about currency trading 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. You must have the power to say stop and then go out with your family or your friends, your dog or whatever !!

-Here, one of the most important point. If you don’t follow this advice, you will fail for sure… You must not monitor your trades all the day long ! When you set up a trade, you put a take profit point and a stop loss point, then you go ! You close your damn MT4 Platform and you think of something else ! Monitoring trades all the day long is the biggest risk in the forex market. Why ? Simply because each time you’re going to see a trade going down, your reflex, as a beginner, will be to cut it down without even wait. Because maybe if you’d have waited the trade would have been a profitable one…

-Last but not least, don’t trade all the day long !! Set up a maximum number of trade per day. For example, confine yourself to 2 trades per day. No matter if they are profitable or if you lose money, only trade twice a day ! Because if you don’t have a plan, every time you’re going to have a losing trade, you will say “oh, damn, a losing trade ! The next one is going to be a profitable one…” and then you trade again and again and again and you become tired and your account hit the $0 bottom line !

My final advice is : follow the precedent advices ! Set up a trading plan and make those tips your rules ! If you don’t follow them, you will not succeed.. I’ve already experienced the feelings that encourage you not to follow the tips above and each time it results by a loss of money !

Trade Safely and see you next time !

Forex Robot : Forex Maestro Review

Hello !! Okay, it’s been a little while since I’ve written my last article… That’s because of my studies !! Anyway, now, let me introduce you to one of the biggest forex scam ever !! When I discovered the truth about this fake forex product, It completely amazed me !! Find out now why Forex Maestro Robot is a scam ! It’s the Forex Maestro Robot Review !

Okay, so i decided to try this forex robot once again because a lot of people were talking about it and most of all because I was seeing a lot of reviews on the internet which seemed to be biased… So what I did is that I paid $197 in order to get this “thing”…

And in fact, it’s the forex robot scam of the century ! Let me tell you the truth right now, the guy who’s selling this damn stuff just took an old 2004 and free forex expert advisor and sold it for this damn $97 price ! What does that mean ? It means that it’s a horrible scam because you can get this expert advisor for free : it is Firebird and last but not least, it’s very harmful because the robot is not updated to the current market conditions…

I put it on a demo account during on month… The first 3 weeks, it was working kinda great… Then the nightmare began, my account went from $1789 to $467 !! Isn’t this a great robot ? What did I do ? I asked for a refund !!!

Fx Trading System : Forex Profit Farm Review

Hello ! Today, I’m happy to post this little review… In fact that’s a forex method and I really like this kind of product !! You should read this fx trading system review because that’s actually a good product !

Here is the Forex Profit Farm Review !

Okay, so here’s a brand new forex product that everybody’s actually starting to talk about. Once again, this is a forex service which is providing a simple forex strategy, a forex method you must follow if you want to succeed.

The product goes with a little ebook and videos in order to completely explain the method provided.

Everything’s explained…From money management to how to exit the trades you’ve entered.

I’ve tested the method for about 3 weeks and i get very decent results. With a $1200 starting capital and by trading safely i’m now up to $1702. Of course it was on a demo account but I’m now gonna start to trade with the method on my live account.

What I really liked with this fx trading system is that the author takes you point to point without missing any topic… You don’t need to be an expert trader if you want to trade this strategy. Indeed, the author is trying to do his best in order for you to understand everything and I must say that he does great.

He completely explains the currency trading basics in his forex ebook and the forex trading system he provides is really working…

Concerning a forex beginner I would say that if you trade seriously with this method during 3 weeks or one month on demo account, then you’ll be ready to open a real account and trade live.

To conclude, that’s a reliable product that you can try without doubting, that’s not a scam !

Can I Get Rich Trading The Forex ?

Hello !!  Today, we’re gonna talk about the question of the century ! Can you get rich trading the forex ? Because we have to retain that the purpose of trading is making money on the long run… I see people who say “Oh my god you’re always thinking about money !”.  I asnwer that trading the currency market without thinking about money is a hard challenge… Isnt it ? And in the end the goal of everybody out there is to make money…

But here’s a first little tip… If you want to trade correctly the forex and be profitable on the long run you must stop thinking dollars or euro and have to think points ! Do that and trust me it will help… Anyway, we’re not gonna talk about that this time…

Let’s focus on the main topic… Is it possible to get rich on the forex ? My answer is simple : yes but it will take some time except if you’ve got a $30,000 starting capital ! Once again, everything’s based on money management… Money management is the key. If you follow your money management plan, you’ll make money.

Of course you can’t get rich in one or two years with a $1000 starting account… It’s not possible. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t get get rich with a $1000 starting capital. It will only take more time.

Most of the forex scams out there are proposing some unbelievable plan which will let you able to make $1,000,000 in one year startint with a $500 account. That’s untrue. Come on let’s be serious, if it was possible, everybody will be richer than Bill Gates (which by the way  became again the richest man on earth !).

You can easily make around $5000 on your first year with a $1000 starting capital, that’s what I did and trust me if I did that, everybody can ! You’ll make money on the long run with a great forex method because each time your capital grows, you can increase your lots and then make even more money.

So the answer is yes ! By working, following your money management plan and having a great forex method, you’ll be able to make serious money on the forex market !

Don’t forget to trade safely !

Forex Trading Machine Review

Hello there !! Today, i’m posting the review of one of the first forex method i’ve used… It’s the Forex Trading Machine… Actually it’s not only one method but 3 methods in one product. It’s one of the oldest product out there and it’s still “alive” simply because it’s a great forex product… You should read the unbiased review of  this great product now !

I purchased this forex product around september 2007 and started to apply the different methods… Now, you should be asking yourseld :” What’s exactly this product ?” Let me answer !

It’s a kind of package where you can find 3 powerful methods in order to make a lot of pips. Here are the name of the different methods :

-Forex Cash Cow Strategy

-Forex Runner

-Forex Flip And Go

Actually, you can decide to use each and every methods but i think that you’ll find your favorite one… For me, the Forex Cash Cow is the better one because it explains a great money management plan. In fact, it’s the method which has the better Take profit and stop loss… And as you know it’s your money management plan which will define your success or your death !

I may be a bad reviewer but i decided to use only one method out of 3 because i’ve only been trading with that one and i must say that i’ve been trading during a pretty long time with it…

What i love with the forex cash cow strategy is that the method is really easy to apply. Actually it’s one of the easiest method out there ! You don’t have to think, you don’t need no judgement ! You just have to take a look at some charts and then decide to open some trades following the course (of course !!);

In order to make a test, i’ve been trading the method during 3 weeks  and here are the results :

-Starting Capital : $1500,

3 weeks latter : $2133

I can say that it’s such a great method ! Moreover there’s a great thing concerning this product… In fact, the owner of the website frequently provides other forex methods and systems to his clients for free ! And trust me that’s great !!

Forex Robot : Fap Turbo Review

Urgent : you should not buy FAP turbo anymore, it seems to be more and more risky because of the EUR/GBP drawdown and most of all because  it’s not working good anymore…

For you today, we have tested the FAP Turbo Robot, which is the automated forex system trading everybody’s talking about !! It took me a month to review it, so you have to read it and see the truth by yourself ! Here is the FAP Turbo Robot Review !

Okay, so here is the little story : two months ago, I have to say that I wasn’t really believing in the power of forex robots… In fact, I have bought almost 10 very expensive forex robots and each time, i’ve had the same results… I paid for a product which was making a profitable trade every six months…

But, as a reviewer, I decided to give a chance to FAP Turbo and I was damn right ! 

This is the most profitable forex robot i’ve ever tried !  I first put the EA on a demon account and the results were outstanding ! So I gave it a chance on real account with a very little starting capital of $550. I used the moderate settings and 47 days latter i had a positive balance of $1879 without doing anything which is completly amazing !

Moreover, once you’ve bought this EA, you’re not allone… Let me explain… On the member section, you’ve got a private forumwhere you can ask whatever you want.

Important Notice : Due to some bad results using this EA, we’re not advising it anymore ! You should rely on safe products such as forex methods or strategies ! 

Forex Best Method of The Month : 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder

Today, we have reviewed, one of the most  profitable forex method of the month… Read On to know if it’s true what everybody’s saying about this product. Here, is the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder Review !

Okay, i’ve got to say that when i’ve bought this forex trading strategy I was kinda desperate because I had just lost money with some bad trades !

The first thing which hit me was the simplicity of this trading system, 30 minutes after i bought it, i was already ready to start apply it !

There is just a little 75 pages’  forex ebook which teach you the two easiest forex methods ever created ! The ebook treats about Money  Management too and it is giving some good tips about it and how to trade safely by preserving your capital.

I’ve tested the two methods during one month on a demo account with $2500 and a trade volume of 0,40 and i’ve had 90% of winning trades, my account balance grew up and reached the amount of $3046 ! Not too bad for only one month !

This course is defenitely one of the best i bought, the easiest and the more profitable ! The support is good too, they reply reasonably fast and they’re patient.

The Verdict :

The Thing which make the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder the best forex trading system ever created is that you don’t need to monitor your trades all the day long. You just have to check the charts everyday and open a trade if you see a signal, and then wait for the profit !

Limited Time Offer !! However, they’re saying that their offer is only a temporary offer. They tell the costumer that once this offer will end up, they’ll close the website…