The Forgotten Key Step Before Starting Your Online Business

In these tough economic times  many people need to make some extra money or want to change their line of work. Look around the Internet and you’ll find plenty of people telling you that you can make lots of money online. Is this true? I’m here to tell you the answer to this question can most definitely be “Yes”, but only if you know where to look!

There is a definite learning curve to go through before you realise what really works online. Most people start with some form of networking program – usually the one that looks like it will pay a lot of money with very little work. The problem here is that with every site you visit someone is happily telling you that you will be a millionaire by the end of the week – not only that but you can do it in your pajamas, working only a couple of hours a week, and party the rest of the time on the beach!

This is pure marketing hype and is of course absolute nonsense. But don’t worry if you have fallen for it too – we all have! The sooner you move beyond this type of program the sooner you will start to a real business online and the less money you will waste in the process. I look to look at the money I have spent (wasted) on these programs as the price of my online education  – it’s a positive spin that softens the blow of all the money I have lost! Just remember, the longer you stay with these “instant riches” programs as your online business model, the more money you will lose.

A better place to start your journey is to look at yourself! Go on, take a good long look in the mirror. This is the very step that most people fail to even consider – most people fail to ask themselves some good hard questions about who they really are and what qualities they have as human beings. So, before starting your journey on the road to online wealth, you first have to take a good long look at yourself.

The truth is that not everyone is suited for every type of job. I probably couldn’t be a nurse but there are things I can do comfortably. If that is true in the real “bricks and mortar” world it is no different in the virtual world either. So, be honest, do you have the self discipline and drive to work for yourself? If you’re not careful you might give up your old job where your boss was an idiot and find that your working for a lunatic instead!  You need to know exactly what makes you tick and what your real strengths and weaknesses are.

Only when you have gone through this process, analysing your dominant characteristics and current skill set, are you ready to start looking for the right program for your online business. In my coaching work with would-be online entrepreneurs I spend as much time getting to the bottom of who they are as individuals as I do in talking about the “how to” of online marketing!