The Internet Wealth Myth

“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration” – Evan Esar

I suspect you’ve arrived at this site because you want to change your current financial situation for the better. You’ve probably heard that the Internet is a good place to do that, after all, people are making millions online aren’t they? The truth is very different! 97% of people who try to make money online will fail! That statistic should be held firmly in your mind – you should set your path to join the 3% who succeed!

I love the quote from Evan Esar that headlines this page. It really sums up what you need to do to join that 3%. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you REALLY want to earn extra money? Not just as a pleasant daydream, but as something tangible that you can see, feel, taste, and touch? If you can honestly answer “Yes” then you have the aspiration.

Do you have a real need to make extra money? Again, this has to be more than a vague wish to have a few more zeros in your bank balance. It has to be a real emotional drive for you – something that will get you up early and keep you at it until late. Find your motivation and then make it as though your very life depends on your success! When you can capture that feeling you have your ‘desperation’.

Are you prepared to really work at a plan to breathe life into your new business? Nothing will happen until you take action. Unless you are prepared to put in the effort then you are destined to fail. The Chinese term “Kung Fu” does not necessarily have any thing to do with martial arts – it simply means an excellence that has been gained through time and personal effort. If you can answer “Yes” to giving that effort then that is the perspiration.

These are the three qualities that you need to bring to the process!

Fortunately, the inspiration has been provided by others! All you have to do is follow the plan. If you follow the system and do the work then your eventual success is as “guaranteed” as anything can be. You will get the results you seek. If you deviate from the plan you will waste both money and time!

This site is about the education you need to make it online. In particular it promotes the training and resources available at the Wealthy Affiliate University. This is both a center of online education and a community of brilliant people who are all at various stages in their own journeys. Many of them are very successful indeed – the key to their  success is that they have worked the plan, learned from mistakes, and come up with a formula that generates a pretty good income. The great news is that we don’t have to re-invent the wheel – the hard work has all been done for us.

The affiliate business  model is a real gift to anyone struggling with their current financial situation. I also believe it to be an honest and fair way to build income – providing certain rules are followed! It certainly isn’t the only way you can make money online but I can say with certainty that it does work. It may not even be the quickest way but it does reward those who are prepared to work and follow the system – to make that leap of faith.

Rome wasn’t built in a day though, so you are going to have to give this time to build up. The amount of time it takes will depend on how much time and effort you can devote to the plan but typically you should start to see results within 3 months. Ask yourself, if in 90 days time you had an extra 1500 dollars/pounds/euros coming in monthly, would that help you?

This is a time of great financial adversity – as we edge into 2016 the financial markets are once again taking a massive hit. The Chinese character for adversity also implies opportunity! You really can reverse the effects of any forthcoming ‘crash’ and continue to provide for your family and love ones.

If you want to find out how to make money online then you must get yourself an education! Visit the Wealthy Affiliate University completely risk free and begin your journey to Internet Marketing success.