The Problem

Before we go any further there are some “Truths” you need to take onboard:

  •     You won’t get rich by next Thursday – if someone tells you this, they’re lying.
  •     You can’t double your money every week – Warren Buffett can’t, neither can you.
  •     Nobody’s going to flood your PayPal account with money while you sleep.
  •     The “Gurus” don’t care about you – they just want your money. Sorry, but it’s true.
  •     There is no “Secret” formula that only a few people know, but is yours for a price!
  •     People will lie to you to get you to send them money.
  •     When honest people deal with dishonest people – the dishonest people always win.
  •     No “Sponsor” is going to do the work for you – there is no “free lunch”!

If your in-box is anything like mine you have probably flooded with “Get Rich Quick” type schemes. Please delete them – they are seriously not worth your attention. Really, they are not!

Think about it. If a stranger came up to you in the street and said “Give me £57 and I will double your money in a week” would you do it? I doubt it, and yet this is exactly what people do everyday on the internet. No wonder the internet is seen as a glorified ATM machine by some!

And I was guilty of the same mistake too! As I mentioned I desperately needed to make some extra money, and building an internet business part-time seemed like the ideal way to do it. Probably safer than robbing a bank! So I bought in to some of the quick, easy money, schemes. My credit card took a real hammering and someone else was getting access to their own ATM at my expense!

Fortunately, before this became terminal I got myself a real life education. I was able to see the error of my ways and start again on a path that stood a real chance of making some money. It is also a path that has integrity – a quality that I had tried to maintain throughout my business life. To me, “selling my soul to the devil” was not an option.

You must understand that there is a massive difference between what the so-called “Gurus” say you should do and what they actually do! In your desperation to earn money online you follow the latest “system” totally, religiously, and end up making ……… absolutely zero, nada, nothing! You reason that it is the system that is wrong and jump to the next “Golden Goose” and spend more money on another system that leads to ….. exactly the same results. Do you know someone who has done this – not you of course but someone you know well?

The truth is that the Gurus don’t make money using the system they are selling. They make their fortunes duping us into buying their useless products. Their massive list of e-mail addresses is everything, and they constantly promote their latest “launch” (and those of their cronies) to this.

Even the few genuine approaches out there now have an inherent problem. It just takes too much time, effort, and cash for the average person to set up a complete money making system that will actually generate results. Without having a very large budget to work with and being prepared to invest countless hours in front of a computer screen, testing things out, you are simply not going to succeed.

With all that said, there are regular people like you and I who can and do make good money online. They have usually gone through many “dead ends” before they have found something that works. Like many others I have spent a small fortune on rubbish programs. I don’t regret it (not too much anyway!) because it was the price of my education. Just as there are fees for attending university or college, there is a price to be paid for gaining real knowledge about Internet Marketing.

Fortunately, I have found a system that does work and is one that anyone can follow because you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. That system is matt lloyd‘s “my online business empire” (MOBE). As a paid licensee I am effectively plugging into the massive follow up system that is completely managed by Matt’s team. All the parts of the process that I would never be able to implement off my own back are in place, and I can just concentrate on helping others to see how this system could benefit them too.

For me it all became completely clear when I read “The IM Revolution” by Matt Lloyd. You can grab your FREE copy by filling out the web enquiry form above.