What’s Wrong With Affiliate Marketing?

A few years ago selling affiliate products was a great way to get your online business growing quickly. Many people made a substantial living out of affiliate marketing and some established marketers still are. The unfortunate reality is that most affiliates who are just starting up will never make any sales at all! Only a tiny percentage will ever become top performers and most will give up in frustration way before they have learned the necessary skills and acquired the resources to succeed!

I can remember my excitement a few years ago when I first decided that somehow my future was going to be through online marketing. I set up half a dozen “niche” blogs – learning wordpress as I went along – and populated them with Clickbank affiliate links to information products that “solved” the problem.  And I can clearly remember my absolute excitement as I woke my wife up in the middle of the night to show her my first sale registered in my CB back office!

The sale was for about $30, but as far as I was concerned I had cracked it! This Internet Marketing stuff was dead easy and I was going to make my millions. Why that sale occurred I don’t know but it was the first and last for several months! My vision of leading a life of luxury diminished over many late nights of trying to get to grips with all the ins and outs of marketing online.

Since those early days I have jumped ship several times and tried many other forms of online business. Although I have had many affiliate sales over the years the total income is way less than the money I had spent on advertising. Then there were the countless hours I have spent huddled over a computer and ignoring my family. If this time is factored in too, even at a basic wage of a few dollars per hour, then I have probably lost thousands! As someone once said to me, I had an expensive hobby, not an online business!

It became clear to me that the traditional affiliate model was flawed, particularly for people low on financial resources!I could keep doing what I was doing but I was unlikely to make any serious money – which was the whole point of the exercise anyway.

Almost by chance I came across the MOBE business model promoted by super successful online marketer matt lloyd. Although similar in some respect to affiliate marketing this program was set up to reward licensees at up to 90% of the product price. As Matt’s products are top end Internet Marketing information the returns for a sale can be quite substantial.

The real “difference that makes the difference” was the fact that all licensees use Matt’s sales team to close the initial and back end sales. This is a top professional team who use a variety of follow up methods including telephone calls. Their closing rate is way above the industry average and it their professionalism that leads to the success of the program as a whole.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional affiliate marketing then I would certainly recommend that you look at Matt Lloyd’s MOBE Licensee program. It starts with downloading his IM Revolution Ebook, which is a 72 page marketing plan for your new business.

You can download it from the box on the right – please come back to me if you have any questions steve@internetwealthreviews.com